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Software Development Engineering role, who have interest or experience in the fields of DALI, IoT, Smart, Controls, Analytics and AI for the built environment:
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About Fulham

Headquartered in Basingstoke, 45 minutes from London, UK, we are Fulham and we:

  • Create market disruptive SMART web based solutions for building and lighting controls
  • Enable end clients to save energy and money, and address sustainability
  • Help our channel partners grow their businesses by delivering the most efficient solutions on the market

As a Certified Tridium Developer Partner, we create smart open standards products for delivery by Niagara Certified System Integrators, Distributors and OEMs (the Niagara Community) as part of their building and lighting control, management, automation and energy management solutions.

Our key products today are:

  • elitedali™ – Niagara Driver for DALI Light Fixture networks
  • cns-enocean™ – Niagara Driver for EnOcean wireless energy harvesting device networks

Fulham Sustainability Document