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August 2018
At this year’s SIBT 2018 Shanghai Event, Fulham’s Certified EliteDali Partner Shanghai Gline Net Co., Ltd and its Managing Director, Jason Zhang, will be an invited speaker L
在今年的SIBT 2018上海活动中,富勒姆认证的EliteDali合作伙伴Shanghai Gline Net Co.,Ltd及其常务董事Jason Zhang将成为特邀发言人 L

April 2018
Creating a Niagara exo-skeleton for smart IoT solutions L

This presentation was given at this year’s Tridium Niagara Summit 2018 by Fulham’s global VP of Business Development, Russ Sharer.
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April 2017
Fulham’s Niagara Smart Lighting and Wireless Energy Harvesting solutions L

February 2017
Niagara Energy Harvesting Wireless Presentation 2017 L

Utilising technology convergence, the time and energy saving benefits of EnOcean® wireless energy harvesting controls can now be incorporated within any suitable Tridium Niagara BMS, BAS, BEMS platform.
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November 2016
Tridium’s Smart IoT Convergent Niagara Framework® platform technology has become the de-facto standard in smart IoT convergent building and lighting controls, globally. L

These platforms appear under many different brand names via 100s of original equipment manufacturers (OEM) world-wide. They offer the End Clients namely building developers, owners, managers and users, the most vendor independent standards based building & lighting controls solutions available today. This presentation provides those end clients an overview of why they should be asking about building & lighting control solutions based upon this smart IoT convergent technology platform.
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September 2015
Niagara Energy Harvesting Wireless Presentation L

August 2014
Saving Energy, Money and Addressing Sustainability with Intelligent Lighting Control & Wireless Energy Harvesting Devices L
How do Building developers, owners, manages and major users Save Energy, Money and Addressing Sustainability with Intelligent Lighting Control & Wireless Energy Harvesting Devices? L

April 2013
The What, Why and How Convergence in building controls for Smart buildings L

This Niagara Forum 2013 presentation demonstrates with hard fact how “Convergence” is making an immense difference to those System Integrators who understand the need to broaden their skills and offerings to meet their business objectives, deal with emerging new threats to their business and finally deliver what the End Clients have been asking for over two decades and failing to get, until now!
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