elitedali Video Library

Daniel Harrison of Certified elitedali Partner (CeP) distributor UK asks Alexa to turn DALI intelligent LED light fixtures directly connected to Tridium’s Niagara BMS platform to turn On & OFF. No traditional lighting controls equipment required. L

Onesight Solutions Ltd, Yately, UK, a Certified elitedali Partner (CeP) Distributor demonstrates what they can achieve with cloud based smart IoT convergent lighting controls using Tridium Niagara BMS platforms directly connected to networks of DALI LED light fixtures, running CNS Niagara elitedali software. L

Graham Turner, Managing Director of One Sightsolutions Ltd, Professor Thomas M. Keel of Georgia Institute of Technology and Mike Welch, CEO of Control Network Solutions discuss the importance of convergence in smart building and lighting controls L

Tridium Vice-President, Pranay Prakash at the Niagara Summit 2016 discussing how the Internet of Things, Big Data, and the Cloud will Help Smart Buildings, Part 2 L

Tridium Vice-President, Pranay Prakash at the Niagara Summit 2016 discussing how the Internet of Things, Big Data, and the Cloud will Help Smart Buildings, Part 1 L

Smart Lighting and the Role of Interoperable Standards L

The importance of interoperable standards for smart lighting for those who supply, install, maintain, manage, own and use a building’s services.

Why is Interoperability Important in Smart Lighting Controls? L

Why you should consider interoperability when choosing your next convergent global building & lighting controls solution.

Control Trends live interview L

See Mike Welch’s interview with Control Trends live at the Niagara Summit 2016:

Transforming CNS L

Mike Welch and industry leaders discuss how solutions delivered by CNS can help transform buildings control through the use of connected smart devices.

CNS’s elitedali light show L

Our Certified elitedali Partner (CeP™) distributor OneSight Solutions showing some of elitedali’s capabilities.

DALI Controlled RGB LED Lighting – One Sightsolutions L

A short first release video of RGB LED DALI backlighting controlled by Niagara using the elitedali™ DALI® driver. This video will be further developed with the final release at the 2015 Niagara Forum in London at the One SightSolutions stand.
One SightSolutions is the UK’s Certified elitedali Partner (CeP™) distributor. Visit www.onesight.solutions

Product Review: Mike Welch and The Niagara Dali Lighting Solution L

Mike Welch of Control Network Solutions is excited about DALI’s future, literally, and not just about DALI’s integration of low-hanging light-fruit, but the future-proof solutions DALI offers building owners. Mike’s article “How to Avoid Stranded Investments in Intelligent Buildings” explains in great detail, that DALI is a converged solution and as changes are made within the building space, control over the DALI lighting remains absolute.

ControlTrends interview with Control Network Solutions Ltd and One Sightsolutions Ltd L

ControlTrends travel to the UK to interview Mike Welch, Managing Director of Control Network Solutions Ltd and Graham Turner, Managing Director of One Sightsolutions Ltd, about the latest generation of smart DALI® lighting solutions being delivered into commercial, industrial, retail, medical and public buildings, by Tridium’s Niagara global SI, Distribution and OEM Partners.
Read the Full Article.

Better lighting, better work L

Jennifer Veitcha, PhD, a senior research officer at the National Research Council of Canada, in Ottawa, helps design offices that promote health and productivity. Read More Here.

Demonstration by Scott Boehm of Tridium Inc of elitedali™ a native Niagara DALI solution for the addressing, commissioning, control, maintenance and management of directly connected DALI lamp networks to a JACE, all from within Niagara L