elitedali™ – Niagara Driver for DALI Light Fixture networks

Click here for elitedali System OverviewsFulhum’s elitedali Niagara driver enables the Niagara Community to transform any suitable NiagaraAX or Niagara4 platform, using existing tools and skills, into a world-class smart IoT convergent DALI lighting commissioning and controls solution. Each Niagara platform can directly connect up to 24 DALI networks and 1,536 DALI lights.

  • Commission, control, maintain, manage, visualise and real-time analytics
  • Discover/commission networks of DALI open standard light fixtures
  • No 3rd party tools or processes needed
  • Automatic DALI device modelling in Niagara
  • No data IO mapping and labelling = reduced commissioning time and risk
  • Any DALI manufacturer’s products conforming to IEC 62386
  • The most vendor independent solution available
  • Lowest CO2 emissions (EU Sustainability Report, details on request)

What is DALI®? – Click to show

  • Digital Addressable Lighting Interface
  • Only global open interoperable published standard for intelligent light fittings
  • Up to 64 DALI light fixtures connected on a single network
  • Communicate individually, collectively or in groups
  • ON, OFF, Dim Up, Dim down instructions and more

What is Niagara? – Click to show

  • World’s de-facto standard convergent web technology platform for building and lighting controls
  • A software framework for building device-to-enterprise applications and Internet-enabled products, created by Tridium Inc.
  • A unified platform to easily build Internet-enabled products and software applications for controlling and managing diverse “smart” devices across an enterprise in real time.
  • 20,000+ certified Niagara engineers, 1,000s of organisations
  • 400+ global OEMs producing building management, automation and energy management solutions based upon Niagara installed in 500,000+ buildings. See www.tridium.com.

Who are Fulhum? – Click to show

A Certified Tridium Developer Partner creating smart building and lighting control solutions delivered by Niagara Certified System Integrators, Distributors and OEMs as part of their convergent building and lighting control, management, automation, intelligent lighting and energy management solutions.

Please contact us about becoming a Certified elitedali™ Partner (CeP™).

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