Fulham OEM Product Partners

Fulham carefully selects OEM partners and their specific products which we recommend and supply and are warranted for use with its highly vendor independent, open standards, smart building and lighting controls Niagara solutions. Our OEM partner’s products have been carefully selected, evaluated and modelled into our Niagara solutions software to significantly speed up the commissioning process whilst reducing errors.

Fulham is able to offer these OEM products to the entire global Niagara Community.

CP Electronics is a world leader in helping organisations to achieve their energy consumption objectives. We benefit from over 40 years in the design and manufacture of cutting-edge energy saving controls for heating, lighting and ventilation.
Website: www.cpelectronics.co.uk

Echoflex is a true leader in environmental stewardship in North America, developing innovative yet sustainable solutions, improving the facilities environment and saving energy by creating products integrating EnOcean’s technology.
Website: www.echoflexsolutions.com

EnOcean GmbH is the originator of patented self-powered wireless technology. The company, manufactures and markets maintenance free wireless sensor solutions based on miniaturized energy converters, ultra-low power electronic circuitry and reliable wireless.
Website: www.enocean.com

Spartan is a Canadian manufacturer of control valves, actuators and thermostats based in Vaudreuil, Quebec, Canada.
Website: www.spartan-pd.com

THERMOKON is globally recognised for leveraging open interoperable standards in intelligent buildings with engineering, innovation and quality “Made in Germany”. The resulting creation and production of, in particular wireless energy harvesting sensors and switches, mean we are creating a sustainable benefit for our global customers. We focus on efficiency, sustainability and openness to new fields of technology as well as a close cooperation and thorough dialogue with our clients who strive for energy-efficient buildings to A classification according to DIN EN 15232.
Website: www.thermokon.de

CNS is a certified Development and Reseller Partner of Tridium’s Niagara Framework® solutions. This platform provides a software infrastructure to integrate diverse systems and devices into a unified platform that can be easily managed in real time using a standard web browser.
Website: www.tridium.com

Tridonic develops, manufactures and markets DALI components for innovative lighting solutions, and employs more than 2,000 people internationally. The focus is on the reliability of the many different products and on customer satisfaction.
Website: www.tridonic.com

Vykon enables facility managers, building owners and systems integrators to integrate proprietary products into a unified enterprise solution, enabling facilities, security and energy applications anywhere in the world to be managed via a standard web browser.
Website: www.vykon.com