Fulham Services

“It’s not just about the building’s structure, It’s about the substance, Its impact on the people and the environment it shares”MJW 2005

Fulham is an innovative creator of M2M, Convergent, CCRE, IoT and Edge Smart solutions for 21st century converged building and lighting control.

We bring together the worlds of the Web, building management and lighting control, creating solutions that allow the connectivity of intelligent devices and the exchange of data between building facilities sub systems and the client’s business applications.

  • End clients gain real-time access to data on their leased/owned facilities
  • Enables real-time business management
  • Enhanced sophistication and granularity of plant control
  • Highly vendor independent solutions
  • Simplified architecture and less components

Fulham adopted Tridium Inc.’s web convergent Niagara platform technology to deliver this vision, and work closely with other Technology Partners.

Design & consultancy

We provide design, consultancy and application development services, delivering real-time information that enables users to increase profits/reduce costs, meet and exceed regulatory requirements and improve user experience, e.g.

  • Automated billing
  • Performance management by exception
  • Energy cost management
  • Real-time purchasing information
  • Enhanced plant control strategies
  • Multi-site management

Technologies used include:

  • Niagara® – Development, Appliances, Integration
  • Web services – XML,httpss
  • Open/Defacto Protocols – DALI®, EnOcean®, oBix, BacNet, LonWorks®, SNMP, OPC, ModBus
  • Business integration – virtually any well-known application can be integrated

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