Certified elitedali™ Partners, (CeP™)

CeP’s are officially certified by Fulham to deliver its open standards, web based Niagara for DALI intelligent lighting control solution.
  • Certified Niagara System Integrator, Distributor and OEM Partners
  • Experienced in DALI® intelligent lighting system commissioning, control, maintenance and management
  • Specialists in DALI lighting design, installation and commissioning
All current certified CeP’s will display the logo below on their website or documentation and be able to show a valid CeP certificate on request. If you are in doubt, simply contact Fulham directly to confirm.

Please select a region from the map below to view (CeP™) in your region.
If you cannot see a CeP listed in your region, simply contact Fulham, directly as we are adding CeP partners on a regular basis, globally.
Please contact Fulham about becoming a Certified elitedali™ Partner (CeP™).

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