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Control Network Solutions Ltd is now a full member of the DALI working party

daliLogoLargeWe are pleased to announce that Control Network Solutions Ltd is now a full member of the DALI working party. The DALI working party was founded in 2000 by leading international manufacturers in the field of lamp and luminaire control. Today, with almost 110 international members DALI is the true standard for professional digital lighting.
The DALI working party and its associated logo is acknowledged world-wide as the standard for lighting control. It has been promoted in all market sectors from component OEM suppliers through to lighting projects designers.

How to avoid Stranded Investments in Intelligent Buildings

A stranded investment is one where a particular technology or solution is acquired to address one set of issues. But, in the time it takes to implement the solution, the reality dawns that the situation has changed and a whole range of new issues have emerged which will not be effectively addressed by the investment made.
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Workers In Windowless Offices Lose 46 Minutes Of Sleep A Night!

Another interesting study into the quality of light and the potential need for everyone to have some access to natural daylight, or its artificial equivalent, during their work time? Read More Here

Energy Efficiency’s Effect on Building Valuation

Did you know that energy use is many times the largest single line item on an expense statement, according to Schneider Electric?
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Wireless automation solutions see a growing presence in the building sector

JIM O’CALLAGHAN of EnOcean GmbH writes: Wireless automation solutions see a growing presence in the building sector – due to the increasing ability to power them with energy harvesting. Read the full article

As of July 1, 2014 all construction projects new and remodelled must have mandatory lighting controls in the State of California, verified by State registered Acceptance Test Technician!

Jack Yapp, VP National Lighting Contractors Association of America (NLCAA) a new non-profit organization explains – We are promoting hands on training along with classroom presentation on lighting control installation. We are in the process of having our curriculum accepted by the California Energy Commission to become Lighting Control Acceptance Test Technician Certified Provider. As of July 1, 2014 all construction projects, new and remodelled, must have mandatory lighting controls. They must have a State registered Acceptance Test Technician verify that the controls comply with the energy code standard.
Click here for more information on how Niagara SI and Distributor Partners can acquire this new accreditation.

CNS adds additional language skill resource for 2014!

Teresa Pole Baker Gouveia has joined CNS to supports its growing business development in non English speaking regions. Teresa will initially be targeting our Latin American region providing local language communication, education, product and commercial support. More information…

The Great News is that the President’s 2014 Budget Proposes to Extend, Enhance §179D Energy Efficient Commercial Building Deduction

The President has called for a new Better Buildings Initiative that would reduce energy usage in commercial buildings by 20 percent over 10 years. This initiative would catalyze private sector investment to upgrade the efficiency of commercial buildings. Enhancing the current deduction for energy efficient commercial building property –which is primarily used by taxpayers constructing new buildings –and allowing a new deduction based on the energy savings performance of commercial building property installed in existing buildings would encourage private sector investments in energy efficiency improvements. See more …..President’s 2014 Budget Proposes to Extend, Enhance §179D Energy…

Is the advantage to having motorized exterior shades worth the cost of installation, integration and maintenance?

Is the advantage to having motorized exterior shades worth the cost of installation, integration and maintenance? Or further, is there definitely an advantage over “static” shades? Daren Whistler of Somfy, a worldwide supplier of automated exterior shade control solutions offers his thoughts to these questions. Read the full article here

The Tridium Revolution

Zachary Denning, Controlco Inc, CA –  Explores The Tridium Revolution and how many building owners are gaining new control and flexibility over their automation systems through low capital costs.
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Standard Bank Group showcases green-rated building

This shows what Niagara System Integrators are delivering today with native Niagara DALI solutions.
Niagara BMS project value 0.75M USD, Niagara DALI project value 1.2M USD!
Which part of the lighting controls business do you not want to participate in, today?
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Lighting control and Convergence considers their impact on the businesses delivering smart building controls and explores the myths surrounding smart lighting control

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eNodeIV Lon/IP routers light up Renzo Piano’s architectured Shard, EU’s tallest building!

shardThe Shard an 87 storey iconic building standing more than 309 metres tall officially opens today. It represents an £450M investment in the city of London creating a vertical city of multi-use space including hotel, restaurants, retail, office and apartments.

Delmatic, was chosen to deliver their lighting control solution to the main shell and core of the building which includes eNodeIV Lon/IP 852 Routers created by Adept Systems Inc and supplied by Control Network Solutions Ltd. These Lon/IP routers seamlessly create LonWorks® networks that extend across Ethernet infrastructure, offering maximum network performance in a very compact solution for the wide area networking of Delmatic’s LonWorks lighting solution.

For more information on how your LonWorks installations can benefit from eNodeIV Lon/IP routers email or contact us directly.

The What, Why and How Convergence in building controls for Smart buildings

This Niagara Forum 2013 presentation demonstrates with hard fact how “Convergence” is making an immense difference to those System Integrators who understand the need to broaden their skills and offerings to meet their business objectives, deal with emerging new threats to their business and finally deliver what the End Clients have been asking for over two decades and failing to get, until now!
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What Exactly is “Network Integration”

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Integrated Building Architecture

Presentation by Dimension Data from the Niagara Forum
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Evolution of Intelligent Building Systems

Presentation by William Rhodes, Senior Market Analyst at IHS Research; Building Technologies, Security & Fire
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If you missed the “Convergence, is it good for business?” presentation, 16th April, 11:25AM Niagara Forum, Business Track, London, England

The world of smart building controls in terms of who delivers what and what it is they are delivering is changing fast. The world of convergent technology solutions will dominate and that convergence is driving business change from the End Clients to the Solution providers. Some will see this as a threat, others as an opportunity. The entrepreneurs in the System Integration industry will have a great opportunity to achieve what the IHS Report “Can you see the light” last year described as “Super Integrator status” creating significant growth in revenues and profits. Those that do not look above the parapet will be left chasing left over business with ever diminishing returns. Worth considering “Is Convergence Good for Business” article just last month. Further if the current System Integrators don’t develop their skills fast then they may find that the world of Electrical Contracting and traditional Lighting controls companies have to become yet another major threat to the old order.

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Convergence is it good for business?

Could convergence be the alternative route to growing business and profits in a more manageable way? Download the document

Energy Department Announces Webinar on High-Efficiency Lighting Technologies in Parking Facilities

Most parking lots, facilities, and garages are illuminated by older high-intensity discharge (HID) lighting technology without any energy-saving controls. When installed correctly, state-of-the-art energy efficient lighting technologies can last two to five times longer than traditional outdoor lights. These lighting systems also pay for themselves quickly by cutting energy costs up to 70% and maintenance costs up to 90% compared to the older lighting technologies they are replacing.
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Craig DiLouie considers that Lighting Rebates are Enjoying an Upswing!

Rebates and incentives offered by electric utilities and regional energy-efficiency organizations are currently enjoying a major upswing, providing a significant resource that can reduce the cost of investing in energy-efficient lighting.

According to the Consortium for Energy Efficiency (CEE), energy-efficiency rebate and incentive programs reached $6.8 billion in 2011, up 26% from 2010 ($5.4 billion) and 55% from 2009 ($4.4 billion). Utilities and other organizations now offer programs covering approximately 80% of the United States.
Article: Pushing for Returns

The Electrical Contractor Magazine: the Official Publication of the National Electrical Contractors Association.
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The future building management system will change and reinvent what currently is a lethargic industry

As we transition to more complex, higher performing, and energy efficient buildings, it is apparent that traditional building management systems are not up to the task of monitoring and managing today’s building operations. What are the shortcomings of the legacy BMS? The list is quite long but the major items include limited integration capabilities, inadequate and elementary analytic tools, proprietary programming languages, a dearth of software applications and legacy user interfaces.

LED, Fluorescent, HID or Incandescent light source for public and commercial buildings, how do they compare today?

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CNS can now offer Thermokon Enocean wireless lighting control products directly to its Certified elitedali Partners

EasySens – wireless – no batteries – interoperable

Innovative wireless solar technology enables the harvesting of ambient light sources for lighting control in buildings

Time-consuming installation works such as wiring or cabling including chiselling become unnecessary

Low material costs and time saving enable reasonable priced system solutions

EasySens offers significantly more flexibility with regard to the sensor location

Innovative wireless solar technology enables the harvesting of ambient light sources for temperature and fan control in buildings

Time-consuming installation works such as wiring or cabling including chiselling become unnecessary