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July 2018
Digital Dimming L

Is anyone in the world still seriously thinking that 0-10V dimming control is a 21st century lighting controls solution?

May 2018
Privacy Statement Update for Fulham Controls L

Please find the current Fulham Controls Customer Privacy Statement here.

April 2017
Fulham Acquires Control Network Solutions to Bring DALI® Control to Customers for Emerging Smart Lighting Products L

CNS’s Smart Light Management Software and Technical Expertise Helps Fulham Meet Growing Demand for DALI-enabled Clever LED Drivers and Smart Lighting Controls

HAWTHORNE, Calif. – April 18, 2017 – Fulham Co., Inc., a leading supplier of lighting components and electronics for commercial and specialty applications, today announced the acquisition of the assets of partner company Control Network Solutions (CNS), the UK-based creator of the elitedali™ smart lighting control and management system. This transaction continues Fulham’s strategic European expansion.

Fulham has been developing its relationship with CNS for over a year and utilising CNS’s elitedali to help its partners provide complete smart lighting control systems.

Based on the Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI) lighting communications standard, elitedali simplifies installation, commissioning, and control of lighting systems. Enhancing Building Management Systems (BMS) and Edge Control devices, elitedali provides total control over individual LED fixtures, including reducing input current, managing output to optimise useful life, adjusting lighting to dim at a constant level, and adjusting power output to accommodate different light sources.

With this acquisition, Fulham can now offer a DALI and web-based convergent smart lighting solution to meet increased demand from customers worldwide. For Fulham customers in Europe and India, CNS’s smart lighting platform meets the immediate need for DALI-based lighting control solutions.

“We developed clever LED lighting components that are intelligent and programmable so luminaire manufacturers can customise solid-state lighting products in a customer-valued way. With the acquisition of CNS, we now have the remaining components needed to move from clever to smart lighting products – communications and control system software,” said Bob Howard-Anderson, Fulham CEO. “elitedali technology aligns with our vision of standards-based smart lighting controls and allows us to meet increasing customers’ demands for DALI-enabled lighting solutions based upon multi-vendor choice, flexibility and real-time device data for analytics, and effectively lays the foundation for the coming of smart lighting.”

Mike Welch, founder of CNS, will continue with Fulham as Vice President, Controls Business Development. In his new role, Welch will continue to support more than 40 elitedali™ resellers worldwide and help shape Fulham’s clever lighting strategy as well as new smart lighting products and solutions.

The elitedali solution is based on the Niagara® software framework from Tridium, an independent business entity of Honeywell International. Niagara is used by hundreds of OEMs and resellers to craft Building, Data Center and Smart City management systems.

“We are excited to be able to leverage Fulham’s global brand and resources to accelerate the market reach of elitedali,” said Welch. “Becoming a part of Fulham will allow us to provide better support our growing Niagara Community Partners, enabling them to participate in larger lighting control projects.”

Fulham already incorporates DALI support into a variety of its LED driver products, including the programmable WorkHorse LED drivers and the company’s new Lumo series of European LED drivers. Fulham offers CNS partners direct access to DALI-compatible driver products through Fulham’s global network of distributors, and works with a network of OEM luminaire manufacturers that incorporate the company’s DALI drivers.

For more information about Fulham’s complete line of LED drivers, please visit www.fulham.com.
For more information on elitedali smart lighting controls, please visit www.elitedali.com

About Fulham
Fulham Co., Inc. is a leading global provider of intelligent, socially-conscious sustainable commercial lighting components and electronics for use in commercial general lighting, parking structure, signage, horticultural, UV and other applications. The company develops and manufactures a variety of award-winning LED and emergency products, as well as legacy products across multiple lighting platforms. Fulham sells its lighting solutions worldwide through original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and electrical equipment distribution channels. Headquartered in Hawthorne, Calif., the company has sales and/or manufacturing facilities in the Netherlands, China, India and the UAE. For more information, visit www.fulham.com.

Andy Firchau
Marketing Manager
(323) 779-2980, ext. 1252

January 2017
LED driver choice impact on choosing the best LED light fixture solution L

LED drivers have a significant influence on lighting fixtures, from their overall cost to quality and performance.

Until now, a lack of knowledge about their performance impact upon light fixture choice has not been made easier by the difficulty in comparing driver specifications between manufacturers.

What should be clear is that specifying a light fixture supplier requires additional knowledge to avoid missing critical factors from the decision – ones that could play a significant role in the true performance of a luminaire in the field.

It is essential to ask the right questions and know which ones to ask and what answers you are looking for of your potential supplier. Also to understand in advance the application, and ideally the location where the fixture will be used. Ask manufacturers for their detailed technical documents, and read any specifications in their data sheets very carefully.

To help you in this task, Fulham Inc as one of the world’s top 5 LED driver manufacturers and an innovation and performance leader in this field, have produced a document downloadable via this link.

December 2016
The Stoddart Review: The workplace advantage L

The workplace and real estate are a key performance lever, with the potential to increase workplace productivity. The Stoddart Review from Raconteur explores the questions and answers surrounding workplace productivity, including the role of smart IoT lighting technology, to enable the conversation to be taken forward.
Read the report in full here.

July 2016
Convergence – What is it really good for? L

What are the real benefits of convergent technology?
BSRIA explain the benefits to the entire supply chain.
Download the Full Article

February 2016
Dê uma olhada ao redor da instalação de controle de elitedali iluminação inteligente de Aarhus Hospital L

Take a sneak peak around the Aarhus Hospital elitedali smart lighting control installation

Converging health care IT
Interesting article on the use of convergent technology in Aarhus Hospital – where an installation of elitedali lighting controls is currently taking place!
Read more here.

September 2015
(German) Unsere neusten Produkte von Tridium, Niagara4 & JACE 8000! L
O que pensam sobre elitedali, Roger Woodward de Tridium e Graham Turner de 1 Sight Solutions L

What does Tridium’s Roger Woodward and 1 Sight Solutions’ Graham Turner think of elitedali? Find out here

July 2015
Será que o veredicto já é definitivo. sobre iluminação que é centrada no ser humano? L

Here’s an interesting read debating recent research in the field. Read more

Nunca ouviu falar de Niagara, o padrão global de facto de controlo de edifícios e de iluminação? L

Veja uma simples introdução sobre, se faz parte do setor dos imoveis comerciais (CRE) ou é proprietário de edifício, desenvolvedor, um gestor ou um usuário, deve conhecer isto.

Leia o Artigo

Setor de varejo de benefícios de controlos de iluminação avançados L

Os controlos de iluminação avançados contribuem para poupanças de energia em iluminação de cerca de 60% no sector comercial.
Leia o Relatório Completo

May 2015
Criando uma experiencia hospitalar menos intimidante L

A iluminação em estabelecimentos médicos, tais como hospitais, é sabido que tem impacto na recuperação do paciente assim como no fornecimento das necessidades do staff. Este artigo abrange:

  • Os efeitos biológicos da luz
  • Responde á luz colorida
  • Exposição á luz prolongada

Leia o Artigo

March 2015
Movendo os controlos de um Mundo CapEx para um OpEx L

Os serviços de construção são os elementos mais adaptados de um edifícios durante a sua vida útil.
Mike Welch, diretor administrativo da Control Network Solutions e especialista do controlo de iluminação DALI™ (Interface Endereçável Digital de Iluminação), defende que é necessário evoluir destas posições intrincadas de CapEx (despesas de capital) vs OpEx (despesas operacionais) para uma avaliação de valor de engenharia mais realista, flexível e sustentável no que toca a construção civil.
Leia por inteiro aqui.

November 2014
Deloitte Report: 2015 Commercial Real Estate Outlook: Enhance Technology. Enable Innovation. L

In many ways, the commercial real estate (CRE) industry is on more solid footing than it has been for quite some time. However, concerns — some new, some old — are keeping industry executives on their toes.
Read the Full Article.

October 2014
Saúde, bem-estar e produtividade em escritórios, o próximo capítulo para edifícios verdes, descobertas chave L

Ele tem sido considerado o melhor, mas aparentemente fora de alcance, teste do caso de negócio para a construção ecológica: se os benefícios humanos puderem ser quantificados de forma confiável isso iria provar além de qualquer dúvida, o ROI para investir na construção verde.
Leia o artigo completo

(English) Pushing the Envelope -Building Analytics beyond HVAC L

Desculpe-nos, mas este texto esta apenas disponível em English.

September 2014
Como evitar Investimentos encalhados em Edifícios Inteligentes L

Um investimento encalhado é aquele em que uma determinada tecnologia ou solução é adquirido para resolver um conjunto de questões. Mas, no tempo que leva para implementar a solução, a situação muda e uma série de novos assuntos surgiram, que não serão tratadas de forma eficaz pelo investimento feito.
Leia o artigo completo (em Português)

August 2014
(English) Workers In Windowless Offices Lose 46 Minutes Of Sleep A Night! L

Desculpe-nos, mas este texto esta apenas disponível em English.

Reportando-se à grande questão sobre o que é a iluminação saudável? L

Peter R. Boyce, Ph.D., FIES, FSLL, Professor Emérito da Faculdade de Arquitetura, Instituto Politécnico Rensselaer, Troy, Nova York, 2009). Artigo que resume as questões necessárias a serem consideradas em relação aos impactos físicos de iluminação (in)adequada. Leia mais aqui (em Inglês).

Melhor iluminação, melhor trabalho L

Jennifer Veitcha, PhD, um oficial sênior de pesquisa no Conselho Nacional de Pesquisa do Canadá, em Ottawa, ajuda a projetar escritórios que promovam a saúde e produtividade. Leia mais aqui (em Inglês).

March 2014
Impacto do controle da iluminação sobre os custos de aquecimento e arrefecimento? L

Não há dúvida de que há uma poupança significativa de energia com a utilização de iluminação inteligente. No entanto, há também poupanças de energia indiretos. Por exemplo, através da regulação do fluxo luminoso de luzes também há menos calor, reduzindo as cargas de refrigeração do HVAC. Então, existem estudos que evidenciam estos efeitos e dão os números indicativos?

Coloquei esta pergunta recentemente em um dos meus tópicos no LinkedIn e aqui está o melhor das respostas:

A carga de impacto de aquecimento e refrigeração indireta, aqui estão alguns ligações que podiam ajudar.
https://www.csemag.com/single-article/integration-lighting-and-hvac-systems/6cdbfda10abe16e4770416fd60235987.html p23 e seguintes https://isites.harvard.edu/fs/docs/icb.topic1136043.files/07%20ASHRAE%20Standard%2090.1-2010.pdf

Este é uma ligação para uma calculadora on-line, que pretende determinar a carga de aquecimento antecipado de uma determinada implantação de iluminação: https://liacs.omslighting.com/

Comentários adicionais são os seguintes:

A menos que software seja utilizado (como é hoje obrigatório em muitas partes do mundo) para fazer um cálculo real, uma regra geral é a contar com 5% de desconto extra, devido a redução de HVAC necessária para utilizar os controlos em relação ao não uso de controlos (em construções novas, geralmente a atualização de iluminação vai cortar a maior carga de calor usando fontes mais eficientes e dispositivos elétricos em renovações).

Sugere-se também que o calor introduzido no seu espaço através da iluminação vem da produto entre o tempo de uso e a energia da ficha elétrica (com as luzes no máximo) = conservação de energia, sendo toda a luz emitida convertida em calor, eventualmente! A menos que tenha ventilação e extração de ar sobre as luminárias … um bom fornecedor de luminárias será capaz de lhe dar dados sobre suas luminárias, incluindo ruído, queda de pressão e redução de carga de calor em função do fluxo de ar.

Need energy efficient lighting advice? L

This report by the Carbon Trust provides a great overview on how to reduce lighting costs. Read more

February 2014
O efeito da Eficiência Energética nasDespesas com o edifício L

Sabia que o uso de energia é muitas vezes o maior item no relatório de despesas, de acordo com Schneider Electric?
Faça o download do artigo (em Inglês)

Por que não usar os lucros tributáveis para melhorar o seu negócio, em vez de melhorar a renda fiscal do governo? L

Deduções fiscais reforçadas são uma forma simples para um negócio melhorar o seu fluxo de caixa por meio de benefícios fiscais acelerados.
Reduza seus custos operacionais –
As empresas muitas vezes são tentadas a optar por equipamentos com o custo de compra mais baixo. Tais reduções de custos imediatos, muitas vezes revela-se uma falsa economia. Considerando o custo operacional futuro do equipamento antes de investir pode ajudar a tomar a decisão de investimento certo – que reduz despesa futura.
Investir em equipamentos de ETL (extração, transformação e carregamento) reduz os custos operacionais. Melhor eficiência energética resulta em contas de energia mais baixas, pagamentos reduzidos de imposto (de uso de energia) e períodos de retorno mais curtos. Então, da próxima vez que está a pensar em investir em instalações ou máquinas, pensar em futuros custos operacionais – em vez demenor custo de aquisição – e ver as suas contas cair.
Baixar este Guia ECA para saber mais ou visite o Tecnologias Energéticas Lista de Site (em Inglês)

September 2013
elitedali for Niagara® is a BAS integrated lighting control solution for commercial and public buildings that delivers everything and more identified in Michael Chow’s article for Consulting-Specifying Engineer magazine L

“Incorporating day-lighting and lighting controls with a building automation system (BAS) can result in significant energy savings. There are other benefits as well, including compliance with energy codes, U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) LEED, credits, and Energy Star.
A successful BAS design that incorporates day-lighting and lighting controls will help meet energy codes, achieve LEED prerequisites and credits, save energy while maintaining appropriate lighting levels for the building occupants, and provide the facility manager with a system to collect and analyze data relating to lighting energy usage. The designer should advise the facility’s owner of the added design and implementation costs of the system against the calculated energy savings and return on investment.”
Michael Chow is the founder and owner of Metro CD Engineering.
Click here for more information

July 2013
The Great News is that the President’s 2014 Budget Proposes to Extend, Enhance §179D Energy Efficient Commercial Building Deduction L

The President has called for a new Better Buildings Initiative that would reduce energy usage in commercial buildings by 20 percent over 10 years. This initiative would catalyze private sector investment to upgrade the efficiency of commercial buildings. Enhancing the current deduction for energy efficient commercial building property –which is primarily used by taxpayers constructing new buildings –and allowing a new deduction based on the energy savings performance of commercial building property installed in existing buildings would encourage private sector investments in energy efficiency improvements. See more …..President’s 2014 Budget Proposes to Extend, Enhance §179D Energy…

Existing Energy Saving Federal Tax Incentives under 179D end December 2012! L

What is the 179D federal tax deduction?
Section 179D of the Federal Tax Code provides a tax deduction for energy efficiency improvements to commercial buildings. A building may qualify for a tax deduction under Section 179D not to exceed $1.80/ft² for whole building performance or $0.60/ft² for a partially qualifying property for envelope, heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC), or lighting improvements. In addition, a building may qualify with a reduced installed lighting power under the interim lighting rule. Energy simulations are required to show compliance with the energy and power cost savings requirements…. see more What is the 179D federal tax deduction?

June 2013
Is the advantage to having motorized exterior shades worth the cost of installation, integration and maintenance? L

Is the advantage to having motorized exterior shades worth the cost of installation, integration and maintenance? Or further, is there definitely an advantage over “static” shades? Daren Whistler of Somfy, a worldwide supplier of automated exterior shade control solutions offers his thoughts to these questions. Read the full article here

April 2013
What Exactly is “Network Integration” L

January 2013
Comparing the world’s most vendor independent and open standards dependent DALI lighting solution to a broadband power line option L

December 2012
BMS/BA Niagara native and converged Smart DALI lighting solution L

July 2012
LED, Fluorescent, HID or Incandescent light source for public and commercial buildings, how do they compare today? L

May 2012
The impact of lighting quality on worker productivity and well being L
DALI ENLIGHT – The official AG DALI newsletter, Issue 1 L

October 2011
The vital role intelligent lighting control can play in the emerging Demand Response Management business L

June 2011
DALI the only Standard in Intelligent Lighting L

November 2010
An overview of Smart Building Solution Benefits for Owners and Users L
Commercial Lighting Energy Savings Potential & Payback Times L

August 2010
How does elitedali compare with traditional LCM Solutions? L

March 2010
Example elitedali solutions for Niagara connectivity L
How does elitedali compare with traditional Lighting PLC Solutions? L
elitedali reduces DALI lighting commissioning time! L
Impact of elitedali on your Carbon Footprint and Energy Consumption L

February 2010
David Mooney, Regional Associate at Parsons Brinckerhoff asks – Is natural light the forgotten source of renewable energy? L

January 2010
Commercial Lighting Energy Savings Potential and Payback Time L
ROI Increases For Sustainable Buildings L

August 2009
Example Energy Savings from Lighting Control L

June 2009
Why the US needs products like eLighting and companies like ESSI now L
Benefits, Comparisons and New Developments in eLighting for Niagara presented L

October 2008
eLighting for Scottish Regional Office L

Download the Press Release, also see the MBS report on the project

April 2008
eLighting for Niagara reduces DALI lighting commissioning time! L

May 2007
Want to “Lighten the Load the cost of test & maintenance of your Emergency Lighting? L
DALI and the Promise of Digital Dimming, By Craig DiLouie and Rick Miller, PE Rick Miller is President of RNM Engineering, Inc. and a leading US expert on DALI L