Intelligent Lon Fibre Router

Please be aware that Echelon has now ceased manufacture of a key sole sourced component, the RTR-10 Core Module, used in these products. Supply of these LonFibre Routers will continue only for as long as existing inventory of this core component remains and on a first come first served basis. This product is not recommended for use in new projects, however, the LonIP/WiFi 852 Routers above are not affected and may be a potential replacement solution for new and existing Lon over Fibre network projects.

The router implements the full set of LonWorks® EIA/ANSI 709 router functions: Configured, Learning, Bridge or Repeater. It connects LonWorks twisted pair copper networks to LonWorks Fibre optic networks, or extends twisted pair networks over long distances or through harsh environments. The Fibre router can be used to create links and back-bones that connect copper LonWorks subsystems. This Fibre router implements the open standard LonTalk® EIA- 709 communications protocol. They are simple to install out of the box being fully compatible with all LNS based network management tools.

This product is not recommended for new system designs. Last time buy final order date is 29th June 2012 – Download DatasheetDownload Installation GuideDownload Typical Optical Power Margins Datasheet