eNode IV™ Lon/IP/WiFi 852 Router

These products are now only available by special order and for existing customers. They should not be considered for new system designs. There are no alternative products being considered to replace the eNodeIV.
The eNode™IV/GR4 Lon/IP 852 Router is based upon Adept System’s class leading GadgetTek™ technology for Lon over IP routing products. The eNodeIV Lon/IP 852 Router brings an innovative and very compact modular design for optimal scalability, minimum space and granular cost effectiveness. The eNodeIV Lon/IP 852 Router further widens our leadership in price performance for EIA 852/709.1 routers by significantly reducing the cost per channel.

The eNodeIV is a “made to order” product with minimum volume requirements of 5 units per order. Please contact sales@control-network-solutions.co.uk for details.

Download DatasheetDownload User ManualCNS Niagara Setup for eNodeIV Lon IP852

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