If you missed the «Convergence, is it good for business?» presentation, 16th April, 11:25AM Niagara Forum, Business Track, London, England

The world of smart building controls in terms of who delivers what and what it is they are delivering is changing fast. The world of convergent technology solutions will dominate and that convergence is driving business change from the End Clients to the Solution providers. Some will see this as a threat, others as an opportunity. The entrepreneurs in the System Integration industry will have a great opportunity to achieve what the IHS Report “Can you see the light” last year described as “Super Integrator status” creating significant growth in revenues and profits. Those that do not look above the parapet will be left chasing left over business with ever diminishing returns. Worth considering “Is Convergence Good for Business” article just last month. Further if the current System Integrators don’t develop their skills fast then they may find that the world of Electrical Contracting and traditional Lighting controls companies have to become yet another major threat to the old order.

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