Green Optima Becomes Fulham’s first Certified elitedali Partner (CeP™) in the UAE

Fulham is pleased to announce Green Optima as its first CeP in the UAE. Green Optima is a leading Niagara Master System Integrator and Distributor for Tridium’s Niagara Framework® based products and solutions. They are a highly regarded organisation delivering world-class building, and now also smart IoT lighting control, products and solutions to one of the most vibrant regions in the world for innovative building projects.

elitedali™ is the world’s first entirely web based native Niagara smart IoT lighting controls product. More than 150,000 DALI light fixtures in global projects have been commissioned and are being controlled using only building controls platforms incorporating Tridium’s Niagara Framework®. This simplifies design and installation therefore reducing solution cost at both point of delivery and over its lifetime. It seamlessly enables real-time DALI device value data delivery which is fully owned and available to the owner.

Fulham’s Niagara products empower the global elite of Niagara Partners who become CeP’s to deliver solutions that Save Energy and Money whilst Addressing Sustainability, Health and Wellness issues. To learn more about Fulham’s CePs click here.

For more details please contact Bhadra prasad P, Manager- Building Management Systems for Green Optima, or Mike Welch, VP Controls Business Development for Fulham.

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