The Unexpected Value of Convergence in creating a Win, Win, Win Outcome!

The End Client Wins ……empowered to better understand and operate their businesses:

  • Highly flexible
  • Vendor choice, less equipment
  • Seamless access to all value data, locally and in the “cloud”
  • Continuous optimisation, Analytics, Machine Learning, AI capable
  • World class leading in addressing energy saving, sustainability, health and wellness
  • Lower cost of ownership and avoids “Stranded investments”

Delivery Channel Partners Win ……empowered to deliver more with less:

  • Leverage existing technology knowledge and experience
  • Grow business twice or more, with less cost and risk
  • Deliver additional smart services with on-going service-based revenue generation

Fulham Wins ……empowering its partners to deliver more with less:

  • Creates unique business relationships and partnerships fit for the 21st century
  • Sell more product with greater capability
  • Continue to develop business around interoperable open standards that deliver real value for money to our channel partners and their end clients.

Fulham is transforming its business in innovative ways that are designed to better serve global commercial building end clients, i.e. owners, developers, facility managers and users.
Fulham uniquely brings together global light fixture OEM’s and smart IoT building controls System Integrators to deliver the most convergent, vendor independent interoperable open standards based smart IoT convergent lighting controls solution available anywhere today.

It achieves this by creating “building blocks” of components required by global light fixture manufacturers to create their light fixture products. It also creates the “building blocks” of software plus DALI® network interfaces to empower the global Niagara System Integrator, Distribution and OEM community, using any Tridium Niagara Framework® platform, to create smart IoT convergent, both local and remote (“cloud based”) lighting control solutions.

Fulham has been an innovator since 1995, creating the components required by light fixture manufacturers to create world-class light fixtures. Today almost 3,000 tier 1 and 2 light fixture manufacturers incorporate Fulham drivers and LED light engines into their products.
In 2017 Fulham acquired the capability to create and deliver the “building blocks” of smart IoT lighting controls. To date, a growing group of elite Niagara System Integrator partners have already delivered smart IoT convergent lighting control solution projects, many are world-class buildings totalling more than 150,000 devices across more than 10,000,000 sq ft of built environments.

About Fulham:

  • Headquartered in Hawthorne, Los Angeles, see and
  • Operates globally with business, engineering and manufacturing centres in US, UK, Europe, Middle East, India and China
  • Employs over 800 personnel
  • Creates and delivers components globally to almost 3,000 Tier 1 and 2 light fixture partners

About DALI:

  • Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI), IEC 62386, see
  • The only global open interoperable published standard for intelligent light fittings
  • Up to 64 DALI light fixtures connected on a single network
  • Communicate individually, collectively or in groups
  • On, Off, Dim Up, Dim down instructions, Colour control and tuning and more
  • Over 100,000,000 DALI devices installed world-wide

About Tridium’s Niagara Framework:

  • A Honeywell company and creators of the world’s de-facto standard convergent web technology platform for building and lighting controls
  • A software framework for building device-to-enterprise applications and Internet-enabled products, created by Tridium Inc.
  • A unified platform to easily build Internet-enabled products and software applications for controlling and managing diverse “smart” devices across an enterprise in real time.
  • 30,000+ certified Niagara engineers, 1,000s of organisations
  • 400+ global OEMs producing building management, automation and energy management solutions based upon Niagara installed globally in 500,000+ buildings. See

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