Every employee or visitor to a building takes it for granted that emergency and safety lighting is 100% operational

Mike Welch
Mike Welch
VP Controls Business Development for Fulham Inc.

Every employee or visitor to a building takes it for granted that emergency and safety lighting is 100% operational
It is therefore truly astonishing that any business or operation would put its employees, customers and visitors at risk in the 21st century!

And yet here is another headline reported in this month’s Lux Review, read here for full details.
“Badly maintained emergency lighting at a Brighton hotel means guests issued with torches!”

There is absolutely NO EXCUSE for this!

Since 2007 there has been no reason not to install real-time monitoring, maintenance and testing solutions for safety/emergency lighting.

Fulham has been developing products since then which empower organisations to create such test and maintenance solutions for their “end clients” (building developers, owners, managers and users). This enables such solutions to exceed BS 5266 (which was the subject of a substantial revision in 2016), and BS EN 60598-2-22 the requirements of which business, commercial clients and building managers should also be aware of.

Simply, each safety/emergency fixture is connected ultimately to local or remote IT network and individually monitored in real-time for its status to correctly operate. It can also be locally or remotely and manually or automatically tested, and the results recorded.

The Niagara Framework

Digital Illumination Interface Allicane

This solution is entirely web based. It uses existing suitable Building Management Systems (BMS) platforms, interoperable device and communication standards and can be delivered by any suitably qualified building controls System Integrator (SI) either alone or in partnership with the emergency/safety light fixture manufacturer or supplier.

A solution such as this can be deployed potentially using the existing BMS platforms to run the Test and Maintenance applications, to which the emergency/safety light fixtures are directly connected via a DALI communications network, and the rest utilises existing IT infrastructure and standard web services. So, the install costs may be lower than you imagine and the operational costs of test and maintenance drop dramatically.

Most importantly, and in real-time, you will know the exact status of every emergency/safety light fixture. Your employees, visitors and guests may never know but they are being kept safe and their lives are valued!

To learn more either contact our Certified elitedali™ Partners listing via this link, click here or us directly via sales.uk@fulham.com.

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