UV Control Applications Impact Health & Wellness

Patrick Treadway
Patrick Treadway
Acting Product Director Fulham Co., Inc

UV Control Applications Impact Health & Wellness:
Air quality has long been understood to be important in the built environment and continued research is deepening our understanding of just how important to health & wellness it really is. Now smart lighting control has the potential to play its part in health & wellness outcomes by dealing with airborne and surface bacteria that threaten our health.

“The Fulham/Niagara solution really is at the forefront of a particular convergence of Commercial-Industrial Lighting, and Industrial controls. With a long history as a global supplier of quality power supplies and control gear to the UV industry, Fulham is positioned to extend continuity of the sourcing chain by including controls integration. “Fulham’s unique customer footprint within the germicidal and sterilization space, positions Fulham to be able to apply original and valuable application insights to the level of integration the IoT convergence shift is embarking on” said Russ Sharer, VP of Global Engineering and Product Marketing;” This really cuts to the promises of leveraged applications creating leveraged revenue opportunities!”.

Early research conducted by the American Society of Microbiology (see: Appl Environ Microbiol. 2001 Aug;67(8): 37123715.doi:10.1128/AEM.67.8.3712-3715.2001) has set an underlying awareness that purification systems can be effective in commercial HVAC scales. A more recent study published on the American Journal of Infection Control web site (“The effectiveness of UV-C radiation for facility-wide environmental disinfection to reduce health care–acquired infections” by Nathanael A. Napolitano, MPH; Tanmay Mahapatra, MBBS; Weiming Tang, MD, PhD; December 1, 2015Volume 43, Issue 12, Pages 1342–1346. Abstract: https://www.ajicjournal.org/article/S0196-6553(15)00757-9/abstract) focused on room level sterilization within hospital environments, in which the introduction of UVC equipped “robots” were found to be statistically significantly more effective in reducing positive test cultures than the traditional disinfection methods in use. A 28.8% reduction in Hospital acquired infections (HAI’s) was documented at the study conclusion.

The potential to further improve ROI, staff safety, and sterilization with the introduction of integrated controls, is a close parallel to the better ROI seen when controls have been applied to typical office or stairwell lighting. Fluid, contact, and airborne purification and sterilization applications use a diversity of system management devices- HVAC for temperature control, system compressor motors and pumps, I/O purification devices for clean water/air inputs and outputs; also, smart drivers running scheduling systems to coordinate more than occupancy lighting. Niagara Framework™ software is a global de-facto platform that supports the management and control of local or distributed systems and devices, regardless of manufacturer or protocol. The value of an “out of the box” software capable of tying room lighting, lighting and occupancy control, HVAC control, sterilization emitters and control gear together in a unified system is a true game changer.

Fulham is very interested to partner with organisations working with “End Clients” namely building developers, owners, managers and users for whom such additional health & wellness issues are of great importance.

For more details please contact Mike Welch VP Controls at Fulham, Email: mwelch@fulham.com, Tel:+44 (0) 1256 818700

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