End of Life (EOL) in EMEA for JACE 300E series

The performance, flexibility and range of accessory options offered by the JACE® 8000 surpasses that of the JACE 300E series products.

The introduction of the JACE 8000 100-point software license allows the JACE 8000 to be used cost-effectively for projects where JACE 300E series products would have been previously considered. We are therefore now starting the End of Life (EOL) process for all JACE 300E series products, in both “bundled” and “unbundled” formats.
These are the start of EOL and Last Time Buy (LTB) dates for new installations, subject to product availability:

Product Start of EOL LTB Replacement recommendation
JACE 300E 01/07/17 31/12/18 JACE 8000 with appropriate points license
JACE 300E DEMO 01/07/17 31/12/18 JACE 8000 DEMO

We will be offering service replacement parts for currently installed JACE 300E series products until 01/07/21, while supplies last.

Reference documents
Maintenance Policy – lists the end of support periods for the various builds of the Niagara Framework®
Software Maintenance Terms and Conditions – recommended for inclusion in any service contract
Please refer to the current price list when purchasing any of these products before the LTB date. Contact your Tridium representative or supportemea@tridium.com if you have questions.
Thanks for being a part of the Niagara Community!

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