8 Things to know before purchasing your next Smart IoT Lighting Solution, Part 1.

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1. Convergence; what is it really good for and its market-disruptive impact?
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  • Enables choice of who delivers, who operates & maintains and with what.
  • Offers more sustainable solutions that deliver:

Less installed equipment – Lower parasitic energy – Less negative environmental impact (fewer resources to make less and less to throw away at the end of life)

Buiding Services Research & Information Association (BSRIA) “Convergence – What is it good for?” presentation enumerates the benefits, read more click here.

2. End Client requirements; what are they really looking for and why?

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  • Flexibility
  • Choice
  • Real-time device level value data
  • Health & wellness benefits, click here to read more
  • Energy saving whilst addressing sustainability issues

3. The role of international open interoperable standards in smart building & lighting control?
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They deliver highly vendor-independent solutions that:

  • Enable greater choice in the supply of product and who installs, commissions and provides future operations and maintenance
  • Increase choice of solutions and delivery channels.
  • Therefore it delivers best of breed!
  • Is every international and published communications standard offering intelligent device level interoperability? NO!
  • To understand the difference between communication standards and interoperable communication standards (e.g. ZigBee IEEE 802.15.4, EnOcean ISO/IEC 14543-3-10 and DALI IEC 62386) there are 5 Key questions to ask to establish how interoperable is the offered solution. Read It’s all about published open international interoperable standards” and Avoiding “Stranded Investments” articles

4. Demand side management and security of supply;
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  • Base load generation and supply side issues resulting in emerging short to medium crisis in electrical supply
  • For electrical load shedding, smart IoT lighting control is the best option at enabling this, with minimum impact on space output or the people operating within that space.

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