La Control Network Solutions (CNS), creador de la primera solución DALI de control de iluminación basado en la web, elitedali, proponer la premiada agencia de relaciones públicas, CIB, para gestionar sus comunicaciones de negocio a negocio.

CNS will work alongside CIB its new communications partner to promote its innovative lighting solution to both the end client and the Niagara community.
Mike Welch, Managing Director of CNS said, “We’re excited to begin working with CIB. With the rise of the ‘internet of things’ and the move toward more sustainable building practices, the need for lighting control, management and live data will become an increasingly important aspect of building management.
“CIB has been working in construction PR for 30 years and has great experience of running successful creative campaigns, which is exactly what CNS was looking for.”
Catherine Towns, Director at CIB added, “CNS is well known within the Niagara community for its innovative elitedali™ and cns-enocean™ network solutions. We are looking forward to further developing CNS’s presence and engagement with the industry at such an important time for the company.”
CNS is a Niagara Developer, Tridium and Honeywell Partner, creating both client specific and off the shelf web based solutions for SMART building controls.
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For more information on CIB, please visit or follow @CIBcomms on Twitter.