“Big Data” – what is your business missing?

Intelligent lighting device data!
“Big Data” promises even more business benefits – but only if you can access ALL the data in order to determine the value information.
Much is discussed about the benefits of “Big Data” for global commercial and public property developers, owners, managers or users such as yourselves.
BUT – Lighting control solutions delivered by the traditional lighting control companies are standalone solutions with key data important to you locked in by them.  If you need access to additional data or make operational changes quickly, they control this; you don’t.
There is however a lighting solution that is significantly based on global de facto and open standards.  It leverages existing skills and knowledge whilst offering the most vendor independent intelligent lighting solution available today, providing seamless access to all the available data about your lighting systems.  Standard Bank has now taken the first steps with their $270m Rosebank project in Johannesburg to achieve this.  There are other global property owning companies now looking to achieve similar capability.
Certified elitedali for Niagara Systems Integrator Partners now deliver such solutions – click here to find one near you. If you don’t see one close by, just contact us directly, as there many more Niagara SI Partners being elitedali Certified.