Sunday Times reports “Standard Bank’s Rosebank building achieves top 10 Eco rating in South Africa”

elitedali Niagara™ for DALI® lighting solution is used to control, maintain, manage and visualise 4,500 DALI light fixtures and 2,500 DALI multisensors to provide efficient and highly effective fully integrated lighting. Tridium’s Niagara web technology convergent BMS/BAS platforms are used to entirely commission both HVAC and lighting systems as well as control, maintain, manage, visualise and analyse both systems.
The entire Niagara DALI lighting solution and BMS was successfully delivered by Landis & Staefa, one of CNS’s Certified elitedali Partners in the region. Landis & Staefa are one of a rapidly growing group of global Niagara System Integrators successfully delivering such DALI lighting solutions around the world, in addition to their traditional BMS/BAS products and services.
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