Centraline® Hawk™ – be a Master Systems Integrator

You can have access to the lucrative and growing intelligent lighting controls business alongside your normal HVAC, security and electrical projects.

You can Address, Commission, Control, Maintain and Manage Open Standard DALI® lights all from within the familiar COACH™/ Niagara® environment.

As elitedali™ is a native COACH / Niagara DALI lighting solution, all data from the DALI devices can be seamlessly accessed and interconnected with other sub-systems.

As system integration has become more complex, so has the need for a new type of system integrator with a holistic view of the system – the Master Systems Integrator who can be responsible for the total building system integration across multiple systems such as HVAC, lighting, security and electrical.

As William Rhodes, senior market analyst at IMS Research comments «Lighting control and building automation use similar control logic and have similar control system architectures. Both systems can use the same sensors to measure room or building occupancy. The combination of the two systems can often lead to increased energy efficiencies and the benefits of integrating the two systems can be easily explained to customers.»

elitedali™ for Niagara™ provides everything needed to connect fully loaded networks of intelligent open standards DALI® lighting products directly to a web convergent Niagara™ Hawk platform.

To learn more, and to become a Certified elitedali solutions Partner (CEP), please visit www.elitedali.com. Centraline’s contact for elitedali™ can be found on our Partner page.