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How does the EnOcean technology which our unique CNS-EnOcean solution is based upon work?

Find out from EnOcean here.

Exploring cns-enocean

CNS’s cns-enocean™ EnOcean Niagara driver enables Niagara Community Partners to use existing Niagara tools and skills to commission and manage networks of EnOcean® switches, sensors and Ethernet wireless transceivers directly.

(Chinese) 控制网络解决方案委GLINE NET为新中国代表

控制网络解决方案委GLINE NET为新中国代表

GLine Net Co., Ltd.


Control Network Solutions (CNS), creators of the world’s first web based DALI lighting control solution has appointed Shanghai GLine Net Co Ltd. as its official representative for the Chinese market.
Providing both client-specific and off-the-shelf web based solutions for smart lighting and building controls, CNS is a global specialist in delivering market disruptive control solutions such as its DALI based lighting control, elitedali™, and wireless energy harvesting device, cns-enocean™.
Mike Welch, Managing Director of CNS said, “The Chinese buildings control software market is one of the most advanced in the world and is therefore ideal for forward thinking control solutions based on the use of convergent mobile technology, such as elitedali and cns-enocean.
“As a fellow Niagara Developer and Tridium Partner, Gline Net has the expertise and knowledge to ensure end users receive the best control solution for their building.”
CNS’ vendor independent smart lighting controls allow live access to energy use data as well as offering end clients total flexibility and choice when considering the system’s maintenance and operation.
Jason Zhang, Managing Director of Gline Net, said “As CNS solutions are compatible with the Niagara platform, they are easy to install giving end clients a quick return on investment, due to the simplicity of adding the software on to the existing building energy management solution.
“Within the Chinese building sector there is a demand for superior building facilities that improve customer experience, which CNS control solutions provide.”
“Smart and automated buildings offer these high-end standards and qualities, and as the Chinese market is leveraging the Niagara eco system, Gline Net Ltd. is looking forward to providing our customers with CNS’s unique building control solutions combined with our friendly, technical service.”
For more information on CNS, please go to or follow @elitedali and @CNS_Enocean on Twitter.