Monthly Archives: How can you save money and energy with wireless energy harvesting technology? Full ArticleOctober 2014

How can you save money and energy with wireless energy harvesting technology?

How can you save money and energy with wireless energy harvesting technology? Full Article

Health, Wellbeing & Productivity in Offices, The next chapter for green building, Key Findings

It has long been considered the ultimate yet seemingly out of reach test of the business case for green building: if the human benefits could be reliably quantified this would prove beyond all doubt the ROI for investing in building green.
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Product Review: Mike Welch and The Niagara Dali Lighting Solution

Mike Welch of Control Network Solutions is excited about DALI’s future, literally, and not just about DALI’s integration of low-hanging light-fruit, but the future-proof solutions DALI offers building owners. Mike’s article “How to Avoid Stranded Investments in Intelligent Buildings” explains in great detail, that DALI is a converged solution and as changes are made within the building space, control over the DALI lighting remains absolute.

CPL Concordia ora certificata per fornire soluzioni di illuminazione intelligente Niagara AX DALI®!

CPL Concordia, azienda italiana che lavora in ambito energetico con un fatturato annuo di oltre € 415.000.000, è ora in grado di fornire su scala mondiale soluzioni basate su protocollo DALI per di controllo intelligente dell’illuminazione basate su architetture di gestione e automazione edifici Honeywell CentraLine HAWK ™ a cui si aggiunge la piattaforma elitedali ™ di Control Network Solutions (CNS) in modo da soddisfare meglio le esigenze di ritorno economico sugli investimenti eseguiti dai suoi clienti.
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CPL Concordia now certified to deliver Niagara DALI® intelligent lighting solutions!

Italy’s CPL Concordia, a €415 million+ energy company, is now able to deliver world class DALI intelligent lighting control solutions based upon Honeywell CentraLine’s HAWK™ building management and automation platforms and Control Network Solutions (CNS) elitedali™ solution, to their blue chip global customers.
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Pushing the Envelope -Building Analytics beyond HVAC

Propelled by growing energy concerns and technology advancements the building industry has made several strides in building controls and automation. However, despite the progress, we’re not even close to the potential of fully deploying automation in our buildings. More automation, much more than anything currently deployed, is not only possible but would provide the performance we seek and need in our buildings. At the same time automation can support facility management personnel who are challenged with progressively more complex building systems and the constantly changing skills sets and knowledge required to operate them.
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