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EnOcean Perpetuum 2nd Edition 2018 includes Fulham’s “Smart IoT Building Blocks” approach to empowering channel partners to deliver building and lighting solutions

EnOcean Perpetuum 2nd Edition 2018 includes Fulham’s “Smart IoT Building Blocks” approach to empowering channel partners to deliver building and lighting solutions, read more here (German Version)

To view entire publication click here (German Version)

The 2018 Shanghai International Smart Architecture Exhibition will be held in September 3-5th, when Fulham will bring its IoT and lighting control solutions to the audience at the EnOcean Alliance Booth (W3 Hall H07).

Viewers can click the end of the article “read the original” for the exhibition pre-registration. In addition, our Certified EliteDali Partner, Shanghai Gline Net Co., Ltd’s Managing Director, Jason Zhang, will be speaking at the event and conducting tours of Fulham’s Shanghai facilities where the solutions are installed, for invited guests.

2018 上海国际智能建筑展将于9月3-5日举办,届时Fulham将在EnOcean联盟展台(W3馆H07)为观众带来其物联网与照明控制解决方案。

此外,我们的认证EliteDali合作伙伴,上海Gline网络有限公司的董事总经理Jason Zhang将在活动中发表演讲,并为受邀嘉宾参观富勒姆上海设施,并为其安装解决方案。

Green Optima Becomes Fulham’s first Certified elitedali Partner (CeP™) in the UAE

Fulham is pleased to announce Green Optima as its first CeP in the UAE. Green Optima is a leading Niagara Master System Integrator and Distributor for Tridium’s Niagara Framework® based products and solutions. They are a highly regarded organisation delivering world-class building, and now also smart IoT lighting control, products and solutions to one of the most vibrant regions in the world for innovative building projects.

elitedali™ is the world’s first entirely web based native Niagara smart IoT lighting controls product. More than 150,000 DALI light fixtures in global projects have been commissioned and are being controlled using only building controls platforms incorporating Tridium’s Niagara Framework®. This simplifies design and installation therefore reducing solution cost at both point of delivery and over its lifetime. It seamlessly enables real-time DALI device value data delivery which is fully owned and available to the owner.

Fulham’s Niagara products empower the global elite of Niagara Partners who become CeP’s to deliver solutions that Save Energy and Money whilst Addressing Sustainability, Health and Wellness issues. To learn more about Fulham’s CePs click here.

For more details please contact Bhadra prasad P, Manager- Building Management Systems for Green Optima, or Mike Welch, VP Controls Business Development for Fulham.

Fulham Exec to Speak on Clever Lighting Strategies as Building Blocks for Building Automation at Niagara Summit

What could make @NiagaraAX significantly more clever for you in 2018?

Hear Russ Sharer, @FulhamUSA, Inc’s VP, on Clever Lighting: Leveraging the Power of #Niagara to Build the Exoskeleton for #IoT, Tuesday, 17 April, 2.15 pm “Niagara Innovation” @TridiumInc @TridiumHQ Summit.

Read the Press release

Come and meet the creators of the world’s first smart IoT convergent DALI lighting solution for cloud and Big Data applications at the Delhi LED Expo

Fulham Lighting Controls will be attending the LED Expo 2017, Date: 30th Nov – 2nd Dec 2017, Venue: Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, India, Booth: B-44, Hall: 10

Come and meet the creators of the world’s first smart IoT convergent DALI lighting solution for cloud and Big Data applications at LuxLive

Meet the creators of the world’s first Smart IoT Convergent lighting solution, Fulham Controls, at LuxLive: ExCeL London, Halls N2 – N3, Stand C10, 15-16 Nov

The Smart Convergent Niagara System Solution for DALI® Controlled Lighting + Fulham Lumo Series and WorkHorse LED DALI Drivers

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EnOcean® Energy Harvesting Wireless Device Networks Niagara Driver – “No wires, no batteries, no limits”

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Read about our Niagara EnOcean solution in the latest edition of EnOcean’s Perpetuum magazine

Read about our Niagara EnOcean solution in the latest edition of EnOcean’s Perpetuum magazine – (Non-Flash version)

If you missed us at the Hong Kong International Lightfair…

If you missed us at the Hong Kong International Lightfair don’t worry either contact us via or arrange to meet us at the up and coming events

Lighting’s contribution to Health & Wellness in our work place dealing with airborne and surface bacteria

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If you missed meeting us at SIBT Shanghai…

If you missed meeting us at SIBT Shanghai, please contact us via

Meet the creators of Fulham’s Niagara EnOcean wireless energy harvest solution at SIBT 2017 on the EnOcean-Alliance Booth

Meet the creators of Fulham’s Niagara EnOcean wireless energy harvest solution at SIBT 2017 on the EnOcean-Alliance Booth
Download the cns-enocean product flier

Intelligent Lighting Expert Fulham joins EnOcean Alliance – Press Release

Read the Press Release

Intelligent Lighting Expert Fulham joins EnOcean Alliance

Read the Press Release

Read Prof Jennifer A. Veitch’s blog entitled Still under construction: Evidence to foster well-being with lighting

Read the Blog Here

End of Life (EOL) in EMEA for JACE 300E series

The performance, flexibility and range of accessory options offered by the JACE® 8000 surpasses that of the JACE 300E series products.

The introduction of the JACE 8000 100-point software license allows the JACE 8000 to be used cost-effectively for projects where JACE 300E series products would have been previously considered. We are therefore now starting the End of Life (EOL) process for all JACE 300E series products, in both “bundled” and “unbundled” formats.
These are the start of EOL and Last Time Buy (LTB) dates for new installations, subject to product availability:

Product Start of EOL LTB Replacement recommendation
JACE 300E 01/07/17 31/12/18 JACE 8000 with appropriate points license
JACE 300E DEMO 01/07/17 31/12/18 JACE 8000 DEMO

We will be offering service replacement parts for currently installed JACE 300E series products until 01/07/21, while supplies last.

Reference documents
Maintenance Policy – lists the end of support periods for the various builds of the Niagara Framework®
Software Maintenance Terms and Conditions – recommended for inclusion in any service contract
Please refer to the current price list when purchasing any of these products before the LTB date. Contact your Tridium representative or if you have questions.
Thanks for being a part of the Niagara Community!

Fulham Acquires Control Network Solutions to Bring DALI® Control to Customers for Emerging Smart Lighting Products

CNS’s Smart Light Management Software and Technical Expertise Helps Fulham Meet Growing Demand for DALI-enabled Clever LED Drivers and Smart Lighting Controls

HAWTHORNE, Calif. – April 18, 2017 – Fulham Co., Inc., a leading supplier of lighting components and electronics for commercial and specialty applications, today announced the acquisition of the assets of partner company Control Network Solutions (CNS), the UK-based creator of the elitedali™ smart lighting control and management system. This transaction continues Fulham’s strategic European expansion.

Fulham has been developing its relationship with CNS for over a year and utilising CNS’s elitedali to help its partners provide complete smart lighting control systems.

Based on the Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI) lighting communications standard, elitedali simplifies installation, commissioning, and control of lighting systems. Enhancing Building Management Systems (BMS) and Edge Control devices, elitedali provides total control over individual LED fixtures, including reducing input current, managing output to optimise useful life, adjusting lighting to dim at a constant level, and adjusting power output to accommodate different light sources.

With this acquisition, Fulham can now offer a DALI and web-based convergent smart lighting solution to meet increased demand from customers worldwide. For Fulham customers in Europe and India, CNS’s smart lighting platform meets the immediate need for DALI-based lighting control solutions.

“We developed clever LED lighting components that are intelligent and programmable so luminaire manufacturers can customise solid-state lighting products in a customer-valued way. With the acquisition of CNS, we now have the remaining components needed to move from clever to smart lighting products – communications and control system software,” said Bob Howard-Anderson, Fulham CEO. “elitedali technology aligns with our vision of standards-based smart lighting controls and allows us to meet increasing customers’ demands for DALI-enabled lighting solutions based upon multi-vendor choice, flexibility and real-time device data for analytics, and effectively lays the foundation for the coming of smart lighting.”

Mike Welch, founder of CNS, will continue with Fulham as Vice President, Controls Business Development. In his new role, Welch will continue to support more than 40 elitedali™ resellers worldwide and help shape Fulham’s clever lighting strategy as well as new smart lighting products and solutions.

The elitedali solution is based on the Niagara® software framework from Tridium, an independent business entity of Honeywell International. Niagara is used by hundreds of OEMs and resellers to craft Building, Data Center and Smart City management systems.

“We are excited to be able to leverage Fulham’s global brand and resources to accelerate the market reach of elitedali,” said Welch. “Becoming a part of Fulham will allow us to provide better support our growing Niagara Community Partners, enabling them to participate in larger lighting control projects.”

Fulham already incorporates DALI support into a variety of its LED driver products, including the programmable WorkHorse LED drivers and the company’s new Lumo series of European LED drivers. Fulham offers CNS partners direct access to DALI-compatible driver products through Fulham’s global network of distributors, and works with a network of OEM luminaire manufacturers that incorporate the company’s DALI drivers.

For more information about Fulham’s complete line of LED drivers, please visit
For more information on elitedali smart lighting controls, please visit

About Fulham
Fulham Co., Inc. is a leading global provider of intelligent, socially-conscious sustainable commercial lighting components and electronics for use in commercial general lighting, parking structure, signage, horticultural, UV and other applications. The company develops and manufactures a variety of award-winning LED and emergency products, as well as legacy products across multiple lighting platforms. Fulham sells its lighting solutions worldwide through original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and electrical equipment distribution channels. Headquartered in Hawthorne, Calif., the company has sales and/or manufacturing facilities in the Netherlands, China, India and the UAE. For more information, visit

Andy Firchau
Marketing Manager
(323) 779-2980, ext. 1252

Fulham VP Outlines Need for Interoperability Standards for Smart Lighting at Upcoming Strategies in Light Conference

Russ Sharer, Fulham’s VP of Global Marketing, to Review the State of Industry Standards for Lighting Control Networks and Next Generation of Smart Lighting Products.
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CNS has been shortlisted in the Lighting Integration Solution of the Year category at the ControlTrends Awards 2016 for it’s unique lighting control system, elitedali™.

Providing total control and flexibility to the end client or user including complete access to value light fixture data, elitedali transforms the Niagara building management system into a state of the art lighting control platform.

The world’s first Internet of Things (IoT), Digital Addressable Lighting Interface-based (DALI), lighting control solution, elitedali ensures that live data from every light fixture can be accessed, and the complete network controlled, from anywhere in the world via a suitable web browser.

Mike Welch, Managing Director of CNS adds, “We are proud to have been shortlisted in consecutive years at the prestigious ControlTrends Awards. It’s a real accomplishment to have the benefits of the interoperable, open standard elitedali smart lighting control solution recognised within the Lighting Integration Solution of the Year category.

elitedali is the ideal solution for building owners and managers looking to reduce running costs and ensures system flexibility to enable it to adapt with evolving business needs. The system requires less components, uses less energy, meaning businesses can truly optimise their lighting use.’

The winners of the ControlTrends Awards will be announced live at the Hard Rock Café, Las Vegas, January 29th 2016. Voting for finalists closes on the 19th January 2017.

To vote for elitedali for Lighting Integration Solution of the Year, please click here.


CNS’s post “Cracks in the Cloud” regarding cloud based Building Management Systems (BMS) and smart, Internet of Things (IoT) lighting controls, along with the fundamental issues surrounding them, has been adapted and accepted into the Knowledge Library of the International Facility Management Association (IFMA.)

IFMA is the world’s largest and most widely recognised international association for facility management professionals, supporting over 24,000 members in 104 countries.

Mike Welch, Managing Director of CNS, says: “I am proud to see our knowledge on cloud based BMS and smart IoT lighting has been accepted into the IFMA Knowledge Library. Our work can now be reached by those looking into best practise in lighting control solutions, and will demonstrate that cloud based solutions create more questions than answers, particularly around ownership, security and autonomy.

“The report will also demonstrate that systems such as elitedali, for example, are the ideal solution for building owners and managers. The elitedali technology allows smart lighting controls to be seamlessly converged into the building’s existing Niagara BMS, and has been created with the Internet of Things in mind. The use of this convergent, interoperable smart lighting control solution provides the user with confidence, autonomy and certainty over their lighting control system and its data.”

IFMA members can download the full report from the Knowledge Library.

LED driver choice impact on choosing the best LED light fixture solution

LED drivers have a significant influence on lighting fixtures, from their overall cost to quality and performance.

Until now, a lack of knowledge about their performance impact upon light fixture choice has not been made easier by the difficulty in comparing driver specifications between manufacturers.

What should be clear is that specifying a light fixture supplier requires additional knowledge to avoid missing critical factors from the decision – ones that could play a significant role in the true performance of a luminaire in the field.

It is essential to ask the right questions and know which ones to ask and what answers you are looking for of your potential supplier. Also to understand in advance the application, and ideally the location where the fixture will be used. Ask manufacturers for their detailed technical documents, and read any specifications in their data sheets very carefully.

To help you in this task, Fulham Inc as one of the world’s top 5 LED driver manufacturers and an innovation and performance leader in this field, have produced a document downloadable via this link.


Image courtesy of Tridium inc.
It has been nearly a decade in the making but we are finally witnessing a seminal moment when it comes to the delivery of vendor independent building and lighting controls. Surprisingly for some, this shift in industry mind-set and attitude has not been sparked by trends in the ‘mature’ markets of the West but has gained momentum by the widespread adoption of innovative, interoperable building and lighting controls in ‘non-traditional’ regions.

In any sector, one would imagine that as technological capability develops and improves it brings with it more choice, flexibility, greater efficiency and less cost for the end user.

For example, think of the smartphone that you probably have in your possession right now. We use our smart phones for seemingly endless array of divergent applications. The phone interacts and integrates with a variety of software and hardware, allowing you to change channel on your TV, control the temperature in your home, play music from a Bluetooth speaker and even start your car remotely.

Now imagine that you could not perform these actions unless your smartphone was the same brand or from the same product manufacturer as your TV, thermostat, speaker or car. This wouldn’t make any sense. The technological power and potential of the device would be rendered worthless.

For far too long, this has been the case in the world of building and lighting controls. The perceived ‘big hitters’ have driven their own self-serving agenda, stifled innovation and most importantly put up barriers that negate the improvements in technology and interoperability.

However, having successfully exhibited at several Middle East and Asia-Pacific events with our partners, we found that those employed within the building services industry in these regions are seeking and employing the most cost effective, convergent controls solutions available today.

Interoperability is perceived as a key requirement, ensuring the building control systems can effectively communicate with all system components. This intrinsic value, achieved by adhering to open standards, increases system flexibility and its ability to evolve and adapt to changes in the building’s use throughout its lifespan.

In fact, at CNS, we have found demand and interest for our vendor independent, lighting solution, elitedali™ and vendor independent control solution, cns-enocean to be extremely high in the Middle East and Asia-Pacific areas.

Personally and professionally, I am delighted by this development but hardly surprised. After all, why would other regions seek to implement an inefficient, ineffective, overpriced and out-dated template of building and lighting controls?

The penny has dropped in the east that we should not be selling end-users individual products but providing them with convergent, interoperable solutions. As members of the building and lighting controls industry, we must take a holistic approach, focusing on the elements we can offer from a macro perspective, while offering building services professionals and end users with more choice, flexibility and accountability at more agreeable and greater levels of cost and efficiency.

Standards are Worthless (Without Interoperability)

Russ Sharer is VP Global Marketing and Business Development at Fulham Inc.

In this guest blog, Russ Sharer discusses the importance of interoperability within the smart lighting control sector.

中文版 (Chinese Version)

Standards on their own have limited merit if there is not an ability to interoperate with multiple vendors of the standard. For example, there are many standard languages in the world, all with their own way of speaking, writing and grammar. But communication only happens when the speakers or writers interoperate, that is, when they can understand and respond to each other. Such is the same with lighting controls.

There are a lot of names for the evolving standards of lighting control – Zigbee, Bluetooth, 802.15.4, Power over Ethernet (PoE), Thread, etc – all of these focused on solving a real problem or set of problems, but most totally unable to interoperate with the other. While options such as wired versus wireless, or control versus power and control can be valuable, unless there is a movement to mix and match them in a building they will not help end users or vendors bring about better control of lighting and energy efficiency.

Imagine if you walked into a coffee shop and had to ask the manufacturer of the WiFi router to know if you could connect your tablet. Or if you had to choose your hotel based on them supporting Samsung smartphones, rather than those from Apple or Huawei. That is what we are asking end users to do today with lighting controls.

For the value of connectivity to appear, and for controls to become integrated into a majority of lighting installations, we need interoperable standards where multiple vendor’s products – LED drivers, switches, luminaires, controls, sensors – can all be placed into the same network and everything works together seamlessly. This is a basic milestone on the road to IoT, and one that end users do not take seriously enough today.

With the exception of DALI, what most lighting control vendors ask today is that the selector trust them to stay in business, continue to migrate the system, and ensure it will keep working in its closed, proprietary way for the rest of the system’s given life. Only DALI is able to mix and match products from multiple vendors, and provide an easy upgrade path if one vendor no longer is your best choice.

Users should be demanding vendors work together. New proposal documents for lighting systems should require multiple vendors to interoperable together. There should be a commitment from the vendors to transition to interoperable standards as they appear, and to actively participate in the multivendor forums and test sites that will arise.

Together, we can create a world where standards are interoperable and meaningful.

View the Presentation


led_india_eventCNS’ partners Fulham India will be premiering the world’s first DALI lighting control solution at LED Expo, India’s leading exhibition on LED lighting products and technologies. Demonstrating the true capabilities of smart, convergent, IoT lighting control, an elitedali demo kit will be on the stand for visitors to see the innovative technology in action.

For more information on the show click here.


Leap Info Systems, based in Pune, India are now Certified elitedali™ Partners, enabling the company to offer the convergent, Internet of Things (IoT) capabilities of Niagara based smart lighting control.

Officially certified by elitedali creator Control Network Solutions (CNS), CeP’s are certified Niagara System Integrators and have essential experience in DALI intelligent light system commissioning, control, maintenance and management.

Following successful completion of the elitedali for Niagara and CeP accreditation scheme, Sudhir Patil, Co-founder & CEO of Leap Info Systems said, “Leap Info Systems is pleased to announce that it is now a Certified elitedali Partner of Control Network Solutions. This, combined with Tridium Niagara certification, ideally positions Leap Info Systems to deliver truly interoperable and convergent IoT smart lighting solutions and Building Management System (BMS).

“Success of IoT systems will largely depend on interoperable standards and solutions. elitedali from CNS is an exciting web enabled lighting control solution that fits perfectly with this philosophy. Furthermore, it offers the flexibility and choice for our customers to achieve energy savings as well as better control over data.”

Sudhir Patil of Leap Info Systems

Sudhir Patil of Leap Info Systems

Mike Welch of CNS

Mike Welch of CNS

Mike Welch, Managing Director of Control Network Solutions added, “We’re excited to announce Leap Info Systems as the first India based CeP, enabling a new region to access the benefits that interoperable, vendor independent lighting control provides to end users.
“One of the most rapidly developing economies, Indian businesses are seeking smart building and lighting control solutions that offer complete flexibility and access to value data – enabling the optimisation of space and energy use.”

For more information on Leap Info Systems, please visit:
For more information on how to become a Certified elitedali Partner, please visit:

For more press information please contact Tara Greenman or Alastair Doyle on 01372 371800 or send an email to


Control Network Solutions’ (CNS) global first web based DALI® lighting control solution elitedali™ will have its Middle East premiere at the 11th edition of the Light Middle East Conference in Dubai on the 31st October to the 2nd November by our Certified elitedali Partner (CeP™), Creation Gulf.

The conference, which is held under the patronage of the Dubai Municipality, is set to illuminate the regions’ lighting industry with a spectacular array of exhibitors and an outstanding line-up of conference speakers.

The three-day event offers a comprehensive interactive platform for manufacturers, architects, designers, consultants, engineers, construction companies, hospitality industry professionals, government officials and more.

For more information on Light Middle East visit:

Convergence: the critical controls conundrum

Thomas Keel is a Professor at the School of Building Construction at Georgia Institute of Technology. He is a respected and influential individual within the building control sector, having extensively experienced the industry from both an academic and corporate setting.

In this special guest blog, Thomas Keel, Professor at the School of Building Construction at Georgia Institute of Technology, discusses convergence and its impact on engineers and product manufacturers in the controls industry.

To understand the power of convergence, we must first define and determine what convergence truly is. Imagine random strands of unconnected twisted wire. Convergence happens when all those strands of wire are fused together to become one.

Regarding intelligent buildings, smart cities, and the Internet of Things (IoT), the goal of convergence is to have devices that are intended to work perfectly when first connected, without reconfiguration, adjustment, or by the addition of an intermediary device, sometimes referred to as a gateway.

We live in interesting times, for in a way, society and culture push against convergence. Industry is not monolithic; it does not stand apart from the society in which it operates. Industry is part of a multidimensional entity that lives in a sociocultural-political environment that celebrates diversity and individualism. In this environment convergence and integration are almost anathema.

With the advent of direct digital control (DDC) each manufacturer developed their own protocol to monitor and control the myriad of devices that make up what is known as the building-controls industry. Therefore, each building was branded by which controls manufacturer won the contract to install the building’s control system.

What was lacking was open interconnectivity/integration between disparate systems. This anchored each building to a specific product manufacturer and unless the building owner was prepared to entirely change out systems, they had to continue purchasing additional equipment, software, and firmware from the manufacturer of the originally installed system. Personally, I was involved in one of those wholesale system changeovers whereupon the initial phase took three years and continued being an ongoing ordeal as new interconnectivity/integration problems were discovered.

Understanding this dilemma, building owners began demanding “plug-and-play” interconnectivity, forcing controls manufacturers to begin working together. In other words, they demanded interoperability. Now, it is reported that many control device manufacturers are collaborating to pre-integrate their systems, although hard verification is not easily available.

This has opened up an entirely new industry known as systems integration with a new class of industry professionals known as system integrators. System integrators, act as a bridge, connecting disparate systems by locating or manufacturing gateways that translate signals from one device to another language of the device to which it is connected. System integrators and system integration can reduce the risk of system malfunctions but are not the solution; integration and integrators are merely temporary, yet necessary, Band-Aids/plasters.

The real solution is found in universal standards and protocols. What if every computer manufacturer had their own set of peripheral requirements forcing the consumer to purchase all of their peripheral devices from the manufacture of their computer?

Leading and influential figures from the controls industry profess to the importance of convergence and the interoperability of standards, with Jim Brandt Vice President of Product Management at saying: “the proliferation of standards means that no single standard has yet become the one and only standard. Only time will tell which standard(s) will emerge. Until then, openness to different standards is the order of the day. Given the varied landscape, there are a few approaches to get some value from the available standards and avoid possible incompatibility between different parts of the infrastructure.”

The search for standards of interoperability, interconnection, and integration within the global building controls industry is vital for its future. Those working within this sector need to have a full understanding of the terminology of the intelligent building/smart cities industry and successfully transverse the minefield of convergence, integration, interconnectivity, and interoperability with deft skill so as to emerge on the other side with a fully functioning system while working towards the day of total industry-wide convergence.

Tridium Vice-President, Pranay Prakash at the Niagara Summit 2016 discussing how the Internet of Things, Big Data, and the Cloud will Help Smart Buildings, Part 2

Tridium Vice-President, Pranay Prakash at the Niagara Summit 2016 discussing how the Internet of Things, Big Data, and the Cloud will Help Smart Buildings, Part 1


While presenting a recent lecture for students of Georgia Institute of Technology, the similarities between these young people’s probing idealism and inquisitive nature struck me as very similar to our own ethos at CNS.

The students, accompanied by Professor Thomas Keel of the School of Building Construction at Georgia Institute of Technology, contributed to a lively lecture, debate and Q&A session on the topic of convergence. Hailing from different but complementary disciplines within the built environment, the stateside students made the afternoon session, which was generously hosted by One Sight Solutions at their premises in Hampshire, a thoroughly thought-provoking, engaging, and enjoyable experience.

During the session, we explored how convergent technology has changed and continues to shape nearly every aspect of our modern life; before narrowing our focus to examine how convergent technologies will help develop the building and lighting control industry.

Convergent technology involves the integration of two or more different technologies into a single device. A great example of convergent technology is the smart phone you probably have on, or in near proximity, to your body right now. Instead of carrying separate devices, the invention of the smartphone has enabled us to amalgamate and harness the capabilities of a phone, MP3 player, camera, personal organiser and much more into one single device.

Within the building and lighting controls industry, convergent technology allows different components of a facility’s Building Management System (BMS), such as air-conditioning, heating, access control and lighting to integrate and speak to each other. This allows data and information to inform the end user, resulting in increased cost savings and energy efficiencies.

Furthermore, these convergent smart web-based solutions remove layers of unnecessary equipment that drain energy and money and give the end user more in terms of flexibility and choice. This means they can choose who delivers, operates and maintains their system, as well as having full control over future equipment and software preferences.

Additionally, smart Internet of Things (IoT) based control solutions can deliver valuable real-time data to connected devices. This can be of particular value in sectors such as lighting control, where growing research highlights the impact that factors including the colour and intensity of light can have on employee productivity and health. Thus, full access to this analytical data can enable facilities managers to optimally deliver lighting control that can positively affect their company’s bottom line.

However, there is a major disclaimer here. All these benefits are contingent on a vital condition. To fully extrapolate the value of convergent technology, the building and lighting controls must operate to truly open and interoperable standards.

This issue of vendor independence and interoperability (or lack of) is still very prominent, especially in the lighting controls sector, where unless all the components on the system are from one manufacturer, effective communication and operation is not likely. By not allowing similar devices from different manufacturers to communicate within the same lighting system, end-users and facilities managers have no choice but to choose a single manufacturer’s offering.

Consequently, the building and lighting controls industry can sometimes feel quite closed. With the ‘big-hitters’ controlling a large market share and attempting to enforce a droll hegemony that can stifle technological innovation as well as the quality of end product offered to the client, the sector can be very frustrating.

However, there does exist vendor independent, smart IoT based lighting solutions. For example, based upon a building’s existing BMS, CNS’s elitedali™ is an example of a flexible and truly interoperable lighting control system. Integrating with an existing Niagara BMS, elitedali enables the BMS system to control the lighting and connects it with the IoT – allowing end users to fully harness the benefits that convergent technology can offer.

As a company CNS is proud to be at the cutting edge of innovation, helping to bring convergent technological solutions to the market. Much like the students I encountered during our presentation on convergence, CNS will continue to push against the status quo when necessary, challenging stagnant and out-dated mentalities when it comes to open standards and strive to deliver top-class building and lighting solutions that benefit the end user.

View the presentation given to the students of Georgia Institute of Technology.


CNS CeP, Leidos Inc. has announced a merger with Lockheed Martin Inc., a global powerhouse in I.T. and technical services.

The merger is forecasted by leading analysts to reshape the market, resulting in the creation of an I.T. business worth an estimated $5 billion – making the company the largest Government services provider in the USA.

Watch this video for more information.


Control Network Solutions video on convergence in the smart building and lighting controls has now gone live on YouTube. The video, shot at CNS’s UK CeP™ Distribution partner, One SightSolutions’ Hampshire, UK premises, features their Managing Director, Graham Turner, Professor Thomas M. Keel of Georgia Institute of Technology and Mike Welch, CEO of CNS discussing the importance of convergence in smart building and lighting controls.
This short video gives a fascinating insight into why convergence is so important to this sector and how it will shape future technological development.

To view the video please click here.


Control Network Solutions’ (CNS) convergent Niagara-based control solution elitedali™ will be exhibited on booth 1C-C02, alongside Fulham Co., Inc., in the Hall of Aurora, at the 18th edition of the Hong Kong International Lighting Fair.

The fair, which runs from the 27th- 30th October, is a truly global event, attracting exhibitors from 38 countries each year to the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. With categories including commercial lighting, LED and green lighting, smart lighting and solutions, the Hong Kong International Lighting Fair is a calendar event for the lighting industry.

For more information on the Hong Kong International Lighting Fair click here.


CNS is now on Facebook. The account will provide a valuable platform to communicate the latest industry and product updates, share interesting and relevant articles from the world of smart IoT convergent building and lighting control, and engage in thought-provoking debate about the future of our sector.

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Control Network Solutions’ (CNS) Niagara-based energy harvesting control solution, cns-enocean™, will be exhibited on the EnOcean Alliance booth W3, D21 at SIBT 2016.
Read the Press Release.

How to save lighting energy in retail

Currently accounting for 13 percent of California’s lighting electricity use, surprisingly
the retail sector in the region has less lighting legislation with which to conform. This has led to innovative smart lighting control solutions being underutilised for energy saving and marketing functions.
Read the full article


CNS’ elitedali™ and cns-enocean™ smart convergent control solutions will be displayed by its official Chinese representative GLine Net Co Ltd at the Shanghai Intelligent Building Technology (SIBT) show.
Taking place from 31 August – 2 September 2016 at the Shanghai New International Expo Center in China, the CNS products will be located in Hall W3 on stand D21.
For more information or to discuss BMS convergent control solutions in greater depth, please email


If you missed CNS at the facilities Show and would like to learn more about our integrated smart IoT building & lighting control solutions contact Mike to arrange a meeting, online live event or telco at


We are going to the Facilities Show this Thursday 23rd June.
If you want to meet to discuss integrated BMS IoT lighting solutions send an email to Mike at

Control Trends live interview

See Mike Welch’s interview with Control Trends live at the Niagara Summit 2016:

Niagara Smart Lighting Shining Through!

There was an expressively celebratory atmosphere to the Niagara Summit 2016. Buoyed perhaps by the tropical weather of Louisiana, or the colourful vibrancy of the city of New Orleans, the collective energy and passion amongst the attendees, organisers, and speakers was palpably infectious.

The Niagara Summit, which takes place every two years, is a wonderful tech-fest. It enables all channel partners within the Niagara community to congregate in the same space, not only to network and meet in the flesh, but to share their latest news, ideas and visions for the future direction of Niagara and the controls industry in general. It also provides the perfect platform for communal and personal reflection. This year was especially poignant as Control Networks Solutions (CNS) were named by President and General Manager of Tridium, Nino Di Cosmo, during his keynote speech, as one of the top four innovators within the Niagara network.

When I first visited the Niagara Summit in 2006, it was a very different event and experience. The fervent determination and belief in creating a centralised, global network, where innovation lives and boundaries are questioned and pushed, was still present. However, the festival itself was a much tighter affair and had the feel of an emerging technology.

A decade later, and our collective vision has not only emerged but also come of age. Niagara is the de facto standard in converged building and lighting controls. It is a recognised and respected standard of quality and innovation. For example, today Niagara is recognised as a world-class smart Internet of Things (IoT) lighting controls solution. Niagara and Smart IoT lighting controls has commissioned and is controlling more than 100,000 intelligent light fixtures, in more than 10,000,000 square feet of built environment, from state of the art medical facilities, offices, hotels to government buildings.

The main auditorium of the 2016 edition was buzzing as exhibitors showcased their latest products and engaged in lively conversation with stand visitors. The show itself provides a great opportunity to meet with long standing partners, forge future relationships and is the perfect setting to demonstrate to end clients the power and innovation of this unique ecosystem. The presentations, forums and breakout sessions were well attended and sparked lively debate on a host of sector issues.

The summit also provided those within the Niagara community with a glimpse into the near future. There was confirmation that the Niagara 4 platform has been released – with deployment already begun. Niagara 4 will bring more benefits to the end users in terms of visualisation of data, security and analytics. By streamlining data, Niagara 4 will remove the fog and help produce actionable real data. This data can then be harnessed to inform and guide future actions and increase efficiency, productivity and ultimately reduce the operating costs of buildings.

Much like the holistic aim of Niagara, the summit works in galvanising and engaging its community. It brings developers, programmers, building owners, engineers and executives together, creating conversations that bring intelligence and connectivity to the edge of the network and back. As a company, CNS is extremely proud to be a central figure within this innovative network and was delighted to contribute to the summit in such a meaningful manner.

During the Niagara Summit 2016, in my capacity as managing director of CNS, I was involved in a video interview with Eric Stromquist and Ken Smyers of Control Trends, who bring such tireless enthusiasm to covering the controls sector. I also gave a presentation on the specific requirements and needs of end clients for converged smart lighting controls, whilst reflecting on the progress of Niagara as a world-class smart IoT lighting control solution since 2008 and contributed to a session on the merits of the recently launched Niagara Marketplace, and its benefits for the Niagara community. However, the highlight of the whole summit from a personal and professional perspective was when Nino Di Cosmo, President and General Manager at Tridium, during his keynote address, named CNS as one of the top four innovators within the Niagara community.

This honour filled everyone involved with CNS with an immense sense of accomplishment and pride. To be recognised in this manner, in front of a packed auditorium, by a group so illustriously creative and dynamic as our Niagara peers, was an energising and eminently positive experience. CNS will continue to play as pivotal role as is required to further grow, nurture and mature the Niagara network, vision and ideology, and wholeheartedly look forward to the next Niagara Summit in 2018.


CNS, creators of smart Internet of Things-based control solutions, has contributed to a Government inquiry into innovative technology with the potential to transform the energy sector. Contributing both a written paper and several video entries, all information submitted has now been published for the Energy and Climate Change Committee to review.

To view the CNS contributions to the inquiry please click the links below:
Video submissions
Written contribution

“Olympic Gold” for System Integrator MML Sistemas, São Paulo Brazil, as they successfully become latest Certified elitedali™ Partner (CeP™)

We are pleased to announce Control Network Solutions’ (CNS) latest Certified elitedalii™ partner is MML Sistemas in São Paulo Brazil.
MML already has significant experience in the area of building automation based upon platforms that incorporate Tridium’s Niagara Framework®.
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CNS Open Day May 2016

Smart talented budding and qualified software engineers should get themselves to CNS’s offices from 31st May to meet the CNS Team described in the US last week as a global top four innovator in the world of smart IoT lighting control.
Full Event Details
Current Job Opportunities

The True Cost of Building Control Solutions Whitepaper

The building and lighting controls industry – once quite slow in its evolution – is now rapidly experiencing completely new solution innovations and delivery channels.
Knowing how to find them and making the right choices based upon open, interoperable standards and technology choice, rather than brands, can lead to lower-cost smart control solutions delivering immensely beneficial business results.
Discover the true cost of your building control solutions.

Fulham Partners with Control Network Solutions to Deliver Smart Web-Enabled DALI® Programmable Lighting Solution

Fulham Co., Inc., a leading supplier of lighting components and electronics for commercial and specialty applications, has partnered with Control Network Solutions (CNS), to deliver a smart lighting solution based on the Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI) intelligent lighting communications standard.
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Fulham and elitedali have created a partnership to offer intelligent, smart IoT ready lighting. To view the new Fulham Workhorse LED DALI Driver and CNS’ elitedali smart lighting control brochure, please click here.


Mike Welch, Managing Director of Control Network Solutions (CNS), will be moderating and speaking at the Intelligent Buildings Track: Lighting Technology panel at the upcoming Continental Automated Buildings Association (CABA) Forum alongside other industry leaders.

Leading the discussion on the role of international open interoperable standards in the 21st century smart lighting control and what end clients are really looking for and why, Mike will be exploring the need for interoperable solutions with real-time data access for clients.

Taking place on Tuesday 26th April at 1.45pm, Mike will be sat alongside representatives from BSRIA, Phillips Lighting, Lumen Cache and OSRAM SYLAVANIA. The panel will discuss the future of the lighting control sector, including other topics such as,

  • End Client requirements what are they really looking for and why?
  • The role of international open interoperable standards in 21st century smart light control?
  • Demand side management and the role of intelligent lighting in the drive to “net zero” energy consumption?
  • Intelligent lighting controls, whose business is it?
  • Is it wireless versus wired, wireless & wired and what does IoT really mean in lighting controls?
  • Convergence what is it really good for?
  • Analytics what is it, what could it deliver, what might it not deliver, who owns the IP
  • The “Cloud” based solutions, who’s “Cloud” is it, who owns the data/IP in the “Cloud”, can I change from “Cloud” to “Cloud”, how secure is it?
  • Convergence – what is it really good for?

To find out more about the upcoming CABA Forum and to register to attend please click here.


This is a great presentation by Harbor Research surrounding how the growth of smart systems and the Internet of Things can be catalysed: Read Here.


This is a great manifesto from Harbor Research surrounding the future of the Internet of Things and the consequent need for a manifesto: Read Here.


Lighting is one of the most expensive costs to a business, accounting for more than a third of a building’s electricity use and CO2 emissions. It’s therefore understandable that many companies and facilities managers are looking towards innovative smart control solutions to manage electricity and lighting usage. However, with the focus still firmly on the light source itself and as energy prices drop, are we actually considering the true cost of our lighting?
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CNS has joined Tridium’s Niagara Marketplace, to view the CNS profile click here.

Take a sneak peak around the Aarhus Hospital elitedali smart lighting control installation

Take a sneak peak around the Aarhus Hospital elitedali smart lighting control installation

Converging health care IT
Interesting article on the use of convergent technology in Aarhus Hospital – where an installation of elitedali lighting controls is currently taking place!
Read more here.


Bringing lighting control within the scope of a building-management system offers a host of installation and operational benefits. Mike Welch of Control Network Solutions discusses how the Tridium Niagara platform can help offer a cost-effective and energy-saving smart lighting control solution. Find out more here.

How to avoid systems failure with Niagara BMS monitored lighting

Avoid problems such as the recent Emergency lighting failure in Yas Mall, with Niagara BMS monitored lighting!
Read the full story.

The Best-Kept Industry Secret?

The Tridium Niagara platform is well known within the building controls industry as a leading solution for BMS and BEMS applications. However, many engineers, both new and experienced, are unaware of the platform’s development over the past seven years into a world-class smart lighting control solution.
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Creator of smart web-based control solutions, Control Network Solutions (CNS), has been shortlisted as a finalist in the ControlTrends awards in the ‘Lighting Integration Provider of the Year’ category.

The only non-North American finalist in its category, CNS has been shortlisted for its unique lighting control solution, elitedali™. Transforming the Niagara building management system into a state of the art lighting control platform, elitedali provides total control and flexibility to the end user over access to their lighting data, system maintenance and any on-going adjustments.

The world’s first Internet of things (IoT) web-based DALI intelligent lighting control solution, elitedali ensures that live data from every light fixture can be accessed and the lighting controlled from anywhere in the world with internet access.

“We are excited to be shortlisted at the 2015 ControlTrends awards, as one of the few European companies shortlisted we are delighted that the innovative offer elitedali presents has been recognised by the ControlTrends community,” adds Mike Welch, Managing Director of CNS.

“As demand and benefits of IoT solutions continues to grow and the drive towards sustainable buildings increases, elitedali is the ideal solution for building managers looking to reduce running costs whilst ensuring future flexibility to adapt and change according to evolving business circumstances. Utilising existing building management system, elitedali requires less components, uses less energy and means building managers can optimise their lighting to improve their building’s energy efficiency in real-time.”

To vote for CNS, please visit ControlTrends website and register:

For more information on CNS and to see the new company look, please go to or follow @elitedali and @CNS_Enocean on Twitter.


CNS’ innovative control solutions, elitedaliTM and cns-EnOceanTM, were exhibited for the first time by GLine Net on Fulham Co’s stand at the Hong Kong Light Fair this year.
Speaking after the event, Jason Zhang, Managing Director of GLine Net said, “The technology which CNS offers to the market is innovative and a brilliant proposition.
“The launch of CNS products into the Chinese and Asian market was extremely successful. Everyone who attended the stand was really interested in finding out more about smart web-based control solutions.”
Russ Sharer, VP of Global Marketing and Business Development for Fulham, said, “Interest in the elitedali control demo in our booth was extremely high.
“Clients were impressed with how easy the system was to use and the power it offered them for lighting control. I was surprised by how few had previously seen working lighting controls, and pleased with the positive comments we received.”
Managing Director of CNS, Mike Welch added, “With the continued growth of the Niagara BMS platform in China and Hong Kong, it is the ideal time for building managers to upgrade their lighting controls to a smart web-based solution like elitedali. Offering complete control through buildings’ existing BMS system and access to all light fixture data, elitedali is a one of a kind solution.
“After the success of the Hong Kong Light Fair, we are looking forward to continuing our brilliant partnership with our official Chinese representative, GLine Net, and supporting the continued growth of smart buildings in the Far East.”

How does the EnOcean technology which our unique CNS-EnOcean solution is based upon work?

Find out from EnOcean here.

(Chinese) 控制网络解决方案委GLINE NET为新中国代表

控制网络解决方案委GLINE NET为新中国代表


Control Network Solutions (CNS), creators of the world’s first web based DALI lighting control solution has appointed Shanghai GLine Net Co Ltd. as its official representative for the Chinese market.
Providing both client-specific and off-the-shelf web based solutions for smart lighting and building controls, CNS is a global specialist in delivering market disruptive control solutions such as its DALI based lighting control, elitedali™, and wireless energy harvesting device, cns-enocean™.
Mike Welch, Managing Director of CNS said, “The Chinese buildings control software market is one of the most advanced in the world and is therefore ideal for forward thinking control solutions based on the use of convergent mobile technology, such as elitedali and cns-enocean.
“As a fellow Niagara Developer and Tridium Partner, Gline Net has the expertise and knowledge to ensure end users receive the best control solution for their building.”
CNS’ vendor independent smart lighting controls allow live access to energy use data as well as offering end clients total flexibility and choice when considering the system’s maintenance and operation.
Jason Zhang, Managing Director of Gline Net, said “As CNS solutions are compatible with the Niagara platform, they are easy to install giving end clients a quick return on investment, due to the simplicity of adding the software on to the existing building energy management solution.
“Within the Chinese building sector there is a demand for superior building facilities that improve customer experience, which CNS control solutions provide.”
“Smart and automated buildings offer these high-end standards and qualities, and as the Chinese market is leveraging the Niagara eco system, Gline Net Ltd. is looking forward to providing our customers with CNS’s unique building control solutions combined with our friendly, technical service.”
For more information on CNS, please go to or follow @elitedali and @CNS_Enocean on Twitter.


September has been a non-stop month for CNS, with the company’s innovative control solutions being exhibited in three countries in just 10 days!

The Energy Event, NEC Birmingham
The exhibition run started off with The Energy Event at the Birmingham NEC, where our UK distributor, OneSight Solutions demonstrated how elitedali™ turns Niagara Framework based BMS, BAS, BACS and BEMS platforms into a world-class DALI lighting control solution. On show also was CNS’s cns-enocean™ for Niagara solution enabling energy harvesting wireless device networks to be directly connected into Niagara Framework platforms. A promising start to the two weeks, the event was the ideal location for the filming of our second video surrounding the capabilities of cns-enocean, this will soon make an appearance on Twitter and our website – so stay tuned!

Niagara Forum Germany
Following The Energy Event, we travelled across to Frankfurt for the German Niagara Forum. As an event sponsor, we were excited to be submerged within the Niagara Community and be invited to speak to about how our elitedali lighting control solution turns Niagara Framework based BMS, BAS, BACS and BEMS platforms into world-class DALI lighting control solution.

Shanghai Intelligent Building Technology (SIBT), China
Just as the Niagara Forum was coming to a close, our official Chinese representative, GLine Net, took over the exhibition baton at the Shanghai Intelligent Building Technology (SIBT) show. Focused on the growing demand for smart, integrated buildings, the event was the perfect location to introduce our unique solutions to the Chinese and wider Asian market. Sharing a stand with the EnOcean Alliance, visitors were able to learn more about the energy harvesting technology behind the cns-enocean wireless control solution for Niagara Framework platforms.

Industry exhibitions and events are a great opportunity for the leaders in each sector to come together to discuss the issues and direction of the controls industry. Alongside information sharing, the events are also beneficial for networking, launching new products and demonstrating the capabilities of solutions to engineers, the media and importantly, industry peers.

And there’s more to come…
September has been a very busy, enjoyable month for everyone at CNS. Following our success at these events, we’re very much looking forward to the next round of exhibitions and the next Niagara Summit!

Hong Kong International Lightfair, Oct 27-30
This event will be CNS’s very first purely lighting event. The Hong Kong International Lightfair represents one of three major global events in lighting and serves the wider Asia-Pacific market. CNS is excited to have been invited to show its Niagara DALI lighting solution elitedali on the Fulham Inc stand. Once again our Chinese partner GLine will be representing CNS at this event.

Control Network Solutions launches new transformational company branding

Control Network Solutions (CNS), the creator of smart web-based building and lighting controls, has unveiled its new website and company branding to reflect its transformation to a business that is leveraging the global demand for real-time analytics integrated with the Internet of Things (IoT).
Control Network Solutions came into existence as a reseller of networking and communications products for the building and industrial controls sectors. The company has since evolved into a global specialist, developing market disruptive control solutions for buildings and lighting.
Developers of the world’s first web DALI intelligent lighting control solution, elitedali™ and wireless energy harvesting device, cns-enocean™, CNS provides both client specific and off the shelf web based solutions for smart building and lighting controls.
Celebrating its transformational story, CNS has launched its new responsive – and easy to navigate – website, essential for the increasing focus and use of mobile devices.
“The building and lighting controls industry is a rapidly evolving sector and with the recent boom in construction, it was time to introduce a fresh design which represents the high quality international solutions CNS produces,” explains Mike Welch Managing Director of CNS.
“The IoT, converged applications, analytics and smart control are increasingly becoming a part of everyday life and as we move toward more sustainable building practices, the need for smart lighting control, management and live data, which CNS’s solutions provides access to, will become a vital aspect of building management.”
Providing vendor independent lighting control solutions, CNS’s products offer end clients total flexibility and choice when considering data access, control operation, maintenance and installation.
A sustainability aware company, all CNS products incorporate the minimum number of components to ensure reduced parasitic power consumption and maintenance, as well as less unrecyclable waste at the product’s end of life.
Mike concludes, “With convergent, mobile technology businesses in particular, a great deal of attention is predominantly given to London-based start-ups but there are established businesses like CNS, that are embracing the technology age and the opportunities it provides, turning themselves into ‘transformational’ businesses.”
For more information on CNS and to see the new company look, please go to or follow @elitedali and @CNS_Enocean on Twitter.


Smart building controls creator, Control Network Solutions, have introduced its range of integrated web-based solutions at the Shanghai Intelligent Building Technology (SIBT) exhibition, through its official Chinese representative, Shanghai GLine-Net Co Ltd (GLine).

Taking place on the 23rd – 25th September 2015, SIBT, now in it’s eighth year is China’s premier platform for intelligent building technologies. Focused on the growing demand for smart, integrated buildings, the key themes for the 2015 show were building efficiency, intelligent cities and smart homes.

“The key themes at this years SIBT meant it was the ideal event for our Chinese distributor, GLine, to introduce our unique solutions to the Chinese market,” Said Mike Welch, Managing Director of Control Network Solutions.

“Sharing a stand with the EnOcean Alliance, visitors were able to discover the wireless energy harvesting solution CNS has developed for Tridium’s Niagara building controls platform, cns-enocean™, as well as being able to learn more about the energy harvesting EnOcean technology behind the energy efficient solution.”

Providing both client-specific and off-the-shelf web based control solutions, CNS is a global specialist in producing open standard, smart building controls. Based upon the Niagara platform, CNS’ DALI based lighting control elitedali™, and wireless energy harvesting device, cns-enocean™ provide the end user with real-time data access and the ultimate control over their building.
Concluding Mike said, “The Chinese building and lighting controls market is one of the most advanced in the world, and therefore it is the perfect time for CNS to offer its expertise to this rapidly developing industry.”

For more information on CNS, please go to or follow @elitedali and @CNS_Enocean on Twitter.

What do Tridium’s Roger Woodward and 1 Sight Solutions’ Graham Turner think of elitedali?

What does Tridium’s Roger Woodward and 1 Sight Solutions’ Graham Turner think of elitedali? Find out here

Have you been following Mike Welch’s LinkedIn series surrounding smart web-based lighting controls?

It’s available to read online.

Is the jury still out on ‘human-centric’ lighting?

Here’s an interesting read debating recent research in the field. Read more

Want to know more about EnOcean technology?

Here’s a list of FAQ’s from EnOcean answering all your questions.

Never heard of Niagara the global de facto standard in building and lighting controls?

View a simple introduction into why if you are in Commercial Real Estate (CRE) or a building owner, developer, a manger or user you should know about this.

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Advanced lighting controls benefits Retail sector

Advanced lighting controls contributes to 60% lighting energy savings in the retail sector!
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Control Network Solutions (CNS), creator of the world’s first web based DALI lighting control solution elitedali, has appointed the award-winning construction PR agency CIB to manage its business-to-business communications

CNS will work alongside CIB its new communications partner to promote its innovative lighting solution to both the end client and the Niagara community.
Mike Welch, Managing Director of CNS said, “We’re excited to begin working with CIB. With the rise of the ‘internet of things’ and the move toward more sustainable building practices, the need for lighting control, management and live data will become an increasingly important aspect of building management.
“CIB has been working in construction PR for 30 years and has great experience of running successful creative campaigns, which is exactly what CNS was looking for.”
Catherine Towns, Director at CIB added, “CNS is well known within the Niagara community for its innovative elitedali™ and cns-enocean™ network solutions. We are looking forward to further developing CNS’s presence and engagement with the industry at such an important time for the company.”
CNS is a Niagara Developer, Tridium and Honeywell Partner, creating both client specific and off the shelf web based solutions for SMART building controls.
For more information on CNS, please go to or follow @elitedali and @Enocean4AX on Twitter.
For more information on CIB, please visit or follow @CIBcomms on Twitter.

Certified elitedali Partner, Environmental Systems Inc acquired by CBRE to become CBRE-ESI!

This is great news both for CBRE-ESI and CNS.
“We value long-term relationships with our customers and work closely with them to reduce costs, improve efficiency and maximize their facility investment,” said Paul Oswald, president, ESI. “Joining CBRE’s high-quality, integrated Energy & Sustainability service offering will further our goal of providing superior solutions that meet the ever-evolving needs of our clients.”
Paul also confirmed that he saw the impact on the existing Certified elitedali Partner (CeP) relationship as being one of significant growth potential, not just in the U.S. but across the EMEA and Asia regions also.
For more details click here.

Imperium brings Niagara EnOcean® Wireless Control to high end London property

cns-enocean™, the revolutionary wireless energy harvesting device network solution for Niagara from Control Network Solutions (CNS) has brought extra control to a high-end residential property in the borough of Kensington & Chelsea in London.
Imperium Building Systems Limited, the specialist building technology contractor, used CNS’s innovative Niagara EnOcean Ethernet solution to install an EnOcean wireless control system that fully integrated with the existing building systems into a seamless control solution.
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Net ‘to drain all Britain’s power’ by 2035

According to Andrew Ellis, professor of optical communications at Aston University, speaking to the Royal Society this week.
For more details read here.

Creating A Less Intimidating Hospital Experience

Lighting in medical facilities such as hospitals has long been understood to have impact on patient recovery outcomes as well as providing for staff needs. This article looks at the:

  • The biological effects of light
  • Responses to coloured light
  • Prolonged exposure to colour

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CNS’s UK Distributor, One-SightSolutions Exhibition stand, complete and ready for opening of the 2015 Niagara Forum

On show is Distech’s EC-BOS Niagara platform running both elitedali DALI lighting control and cns-enocean EnOcean wireless energy harvesting solutions. In addition DG Logik Inc graphical package is used on stand to visualise and enable control of DALI LED lights at remote facility.
CNS’s UK Distributor, One-SightSolutions Exhibition stand, complete ready for tonight's opening of the 2015 Niagara Forum

DALI Controlled RGB LED Lighting – One Sightsolutions

A short first release video of RGB LED DALI backlighting controlled by Niagara using the elitedali™ DALI® driver. This video will be further developed with the final release at the 2015 Niagara Forum in London at the One SightSolutions stand.
One SightSolutions is the UK’s Certified elitedali Partner (CeP™) distributor. Visit

(Japanese) PERPETUUM問題2015から1におけるCNS「ナイアガラEnOceanソリューションを参照してください


Mike Welch joined other invited industry thought leaders at the Smart Building Conference 2015 in Amsterdam to discuss the current state and future of smart buildings

SmartBuildingConfrenceLogoMike also discussed the subject of “Smart Lighting Control, Whose Business Is It?”, whilst addressing a number of industry “myths” in the world of lighting controls.

ControlTrends Awards – Lighting Integration Provider/Solution of the Year Finalist!

Control Network Solutions was a Finalist in the ‘Lighting Integration Provider/Solution’ category of the ControlTrends Awards 2014

Honeywell Centraline™ + HAWK™ + elitedali™ creates dramatically simplified smart DALI® lighting for Danish super hospital project

Read the full article.

Moving Controls from a CapEx to an OpEx World

Building services are the single most adapted elements of a building during its lifetime.
Mike Welch, Managing Director of Control Network Solutions, the DALI™ (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) lighting control specialist, argues that we need to move beyond entrenched positions on CapEx (capital expenditure) vs OpEx (operational expenditure) to a more realistic, flexible and sustainable assessment of value engineering in building construction.
Read in full.

Andy McMillan On How To Create Value for Smart Buildings

Andy McMillan, president of BACnet International shares his thoughts on how managed lighting by building automation control systems is the next wave in increasing productivity in Smart Buildings.

AHR 2015 Session and the value of lighting controls, who would have thought it?

Andy McMillan, shares his thoughts on how managed lighting by building automation control systems is the next wave in increasing productivity in Smart Buildings!
Join the discussion

Mike Welch contributes to this year’s Smart Building Conference, Amsterdam, 2015 Industry Panel discussing “The Future of Building Automation”

Industry Panel: The Future of Building Automation

  • Jeremy Towler, Senior Manager of Energy & Smart Technology, BSRIA
  • Kathy Farrington, Communications & Security Section Manager, Norman Disney & Young
  • Mike Welch, Co-founder and MD, Control Network Solutions Ltd
  • Gemma Baker, Sustainability Consultant, Accenture UK

Click here to watch this session

Control Network Solutions Ltd are now members of CABA (Continental Automated Buildings Association)

CABA_LogoWe are pleased to announce that Control Network Solutions are now members of CABA (Continental Automated Buildings Association). CABA is supported by an international membership of nearly 400 companies involved in the design, manufacture, installation and retailing of products relating to home automation and building automation. Public organizations, including utilities and government are also members.
CABA’s mandate includes providing its members with networking and market research opportunities. CABA also encourages the development of industry standards and protocols, and leads cross-industry initiatives.

Control Network Solutions Ltd is now a full member of the DALI working party

daliLogoLargeWe are pleased to announce that Control Network Solutions Ltd is now a full member of the DALI working party. The DALI working party was founded in 2000 by leading international manufacturers in the field of lamp and luminaire control. Today, with almost 110 international members DALI is the true standard for professional digital lighting.
The DALI working party and its associated logo is acknowledged world-wide as the standard for lighting control. It has been promoted in all market sectors from component OEM suppliers through to lighting projects designers.

Dominus A/S, a Honeywell Centraline™ System Integrator partner, successfully secures the first Danish “Super Hospital” project with elitedali for Coach AX®

The Aarhus University Hospital (DNU) in Denmark will benefit from an intelligent building management system (BMS), which features Control Network Solutions’ (CNS) ground-breaking elitedali™ software. CNS’s elitedali solution will ensure that the building’s Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI) based lighting control system performs to its optimum potential, delivering significant functionality, energy saving, ease of installation and maintenance advantages.
Read full article.

ControlTrends Awards – Lighting Integration Provider/Solution of the Year Finalist!

Control Network Solution’s elitedali for Niagara product is nominated as a finalist for the Lighting Integration Provider/Solution of the Year, in the ControlTrends awards.
CNS is the first non North American company to appear as a finalist, according to Eric Stromquist CEO and Co-owner of ControlTrends. CNS’s “elitedali™” Niagara DALI® intelligent lighting solution offers the most vendor independent, Web DALI intelligent lighting solution anywhere in the world today. Already almost 100,000 DALI devices are connected directly to and commissioned, controlled, managed, visualised and analysed by multi-vendor Niagara® platforms, delivered by the Niagara Community globally!

LinkedIn Pulse Article – What’s new about IP Smart Lighting Control?

There is much made of the revolution that “IP Connected” light fixtures will make to buildings. However, IP connected smart lighting has existed for at least 5 years.
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Mike Welch, Managing Director of Control Network Solutions Ltd, will be presenting during the plenary session of the SmartBuilding Conference.

He will be addressing:

  • The importance of convergence.
  • It’s about seamless, real-time, device value data, access.
  • Avoiding “Stranded Investments”.

mikeThumb SmartBuildingConfrenceLogo

Lighting Integration Provider/Solution of the Year nominee – ControlTrends Awards!

We are very proud to be the only company outside of North America to be nominated in the above award.
Please click on this link to be taken to a secure server to vote for elitedali™ in section Q.8.
Voting is now open and closes 15th January 2015 – we would very much welcome your vote. Please forward this email to anyone else in your organisation who you think would be interested.
Many thanks from us all at CNS – we wish you a very Happy Christmas, and a Prosperous and Peaceful New Year.

Class A Chilled Warehouse Management solution delivered by UpTime Technology

A Russian Certified elitedali Partner (CeP™), using Niagara smart DALI® lighting control and EnOcean® energy harvesting solutions from Control Network Solutions Ltd.
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Can wireless building automation contribute to an IoT?

Jim O’Callaghan, President of EnOcean Inc. and Ken Sinclair, Editor of discuss the above and learn that EnOcean has been active for more than 10 years in what is now popularly called the IoT.
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Banking on green technology

The new Standard Bank office in the Rosebank business area of Johannesburg, known as 30 Baker Street, is using technology based on the Niagara Framework in an innovative approach to lighting control.
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Latest Realcomm Advisory looks at – Why Do Some Corporate Real Estate Departments Embrace Innovation More Than Others?

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How can you save money and energy with wireless energy harvesting technology?

How can you save money and energy with wireless energy harvesting technology? Full Article