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Ford Motor Company factories in the United States, Canada and Mexico are benefitting from Control Network Solutions’ (CNS) elitedali™ smart lighting control software for Tridium’s Niagara building management platform. The innovative software offers lower installation costs, energy saving capabilities and total control. Providing additional control over the factory lighting, sensors are used to monitor natural daylight, with the elitedali system adjusting accordingly to save energy.
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Wireless control system for high-end London property

cns-enocean wireless energy harvesting device network solutions for Niagara, have brought extra control to a high-end residential property in London.
The project, designed by Imperium Building Systems, controls heating and A/C throughout the property and integrates with existing building systems.
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elitedali™ in control at Denmark’s first ‘Super Hospital’

The Aarhus University Hospital in Denmark is to benefit from a Niagara intelligent BMS and lighting control featuring elitedali™.
The project will see Honeywell CentraLine Partner and CeP™ Dominus A/S connect 200+ DALI networks to Honeywell HAWK BMS/BAS platforms using elitedali™.
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Energy saving at Moscow chilled warehouse

elitedali™ lighting control solution saving energy and costs at a class A rated MX Logistic chilled warehouse in Moscow.
Installed by CeP™ Uptime Technology INO, the package incorporates presence detection, dimming and daylight saving, all connected through the BMS.
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Energy saving at Moscow chilled warehouse

cns-enocean wireless, energy harvesting network solutions for Niagara are saving energy and costs at an MX Logistic chilled warehouse in Moscow.
Installed by CeP™ Uptime Technology INO, the package incorporates wireless energy harvesting switches for input devices to allow user control of lights.
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Intelligent lighting for Tetra Pak office renovation

Italian Certified elitedali Partners (CeP™) and Honeywell CentraLine Italy have delivered an intelligent lighting solution at Tetra Pak, Modena.
The system – which automatically manages ON/OFF and dimming – is delivered through CentraLine Niagara integration with elitedali™ lighting control.
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Data centre upgrade cuts costs for Australia client

A system upgrade delivered by CeP™ Airmaster – including elitedali™ for Niagara – has dramatically improved energy efficiency at a data centre.
Using elitedali to integrate the new light system with the existing BMS, daily energy consumption has been reduced by a minimum of 50%.
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Automatic lighting maintenance at South Africa bank project

elitedali™ and Niagara Framework® have combined to make a new Standard Bank office one of South Africa’s top 10 most sustainable buildings.
The solution, delivered by CeP™ Landis & Staefa, is used to control, maintain, manage and visualise 4,500 DALI light fixtures and 1,600 multisensors.
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Royal unveiling of elitedali control system

The King of Norway has opened a new sports hall with DALI lighting engineered and controlled by elitedali for Niagara.
The system was delivered by ISI-Tech AS, a Certified elitedali Partner (CeP™), and has enabled the development of highly efficient lighting control strategies.
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EXP/Teng project provides template for building upgrades

CeP™ EXP/Teng Solutions has chosen elitedali as ‘Best in Class’ solution for dimmable and addressable lighting control in a building upgrade.
The project, at Fort Washington, PA, allows lighting systems to respond in real-time to demand-load sharing commands from Pennsylvania Energy Company (PECO).
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Barloworld benefits from Tridium – elitedali™ light control

A Tridium – elitedali™ lighting control system delivered by CeP™ Stanley Security Solutions has brought major energy efficiencies to Barloworld GM.
The SMART DALI showroom lighting installation is a totally automated and eliminates the human factor to control lighting schedules.
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Upgradeable elitedali™ systems for EXP/Teng and Tridium offices

Remotely upgradeable elitedali™ solutions for Niagara have been used for a EXP/Teng branch office and Tridium HQ building, both in Richmond PA.
This system was selected for its direct connection to a Niagara platform and ability to provide advanced lighting control and real-time data access.
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Intelligent integration at Nordland Hospital, Norway

An integrated BMS and intelligent lighting solution – using elitedali™ – has dramatically improved energy efficiency at Nordland Hospital, Norway.
The system, delivered by CeP™ and CentraLine Partner G.K.Norge, uses elitedali to connect the DALI lighting networks to the HAWK integration platform.
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