elitedali Presentations

April 2017
Fulham’s Niagara Smart Lighting and Wireless Energy Harvesting solutions L

November 2016
Standards are Worthless (Without Interoperability) L

Standards on their own have limited merit if there is not an ability to interoperate with multiple vendors of the standard. For example, there are many standard languages in the world, all with their own way of speaking, writing and grammar. But communication only happens when the speakers or writers interoperate, that is, when they can understand and respond to each other. Such is the same with lighting controls. This presentation, by Russ Sharer VP Global Marketing and Business Development at Fulham Inc., discusses the importance of interoperability within the smart lighting control sector.
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La tecnología Smart IoT Convergente Niagara Framework® de Tridium se ha convertido en el estándar de facto en controles de iluminación e iluminación IOT inteligentes globales. L

Estas plataformas aparecen por muchas marcas diferentes a través de 100 de fabricantes de equipos originales (OEM) en todo el mundo. Ofrecen a los “Clientes finales”, a saber, desarrolladores de edificios, propietarios, administradores y usuarios, las soluciones de control de iluminación e iluminación basadas en estándares más independientes del proveedor disponibles hoy en día. Esta presentación proporciona a los clientes finales una visión general de por qué deberían estar preguntando sobre soluciones de control de edificios e iluminación basadas en esta plataforma tecnológica convergente inteligente IoT.
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June 2016
Smart lighting controls – what do end clients really want? L

At the Tridium Niagara Summit 2016 in New Orleans, Mike Welch, Managing Director of Control Network Solutions led a presentation titled ‘Smart lighting controls – what do end clients really want?’
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September 2015
Intelligente Beleuchtungssteuerung mit dem Niagara Framework – Niagara Forum 2015 L
Niagara Smart Lighting Controls Presentation L

Introduction and overview of the most vendor independent global market disruptive smart lighting control solution, leveraging smart mobile, convergence, Internet of Things and Analytics demanded by modern commercial building owners, developers, managers and users.
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May 2015
The Future of DALI – DALI2! A Simple Overview of DALI2 as of today! L
(English) Smart Lighting Control, Whose Business Is It? L

Disculpa, pero esta entrada está disponible sólo en English.

August 2014
Saving Energy, Money and Addressing Sustainability with Intelligent Lighting Control & Wireless Energy Harvesting Devices L
How do Building developers, owners, manages and major users Save Energy, Money and Addressing Sustainability with Intelligent Lighting Control & Wireless Energy Harvesting Devices? L

April 2014
Introduction to elitedali for COACH AX presentation, for Honeywell Centraline™ Partners looking to add DALI lighting solutions directly to their HAWK™ based project L

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December 2013
Honeywell CentraLine Certified elitedali Partners deliver Tetra Pak HAWK based DALI lighting solution L
Honeywell CentraLine Certified Partner elitedali consegnare Tetra Pak una soluzione di illuminazione DALI HAWK L

May 2013
Gestion des réseaux DALI® elitedali™ pour Niagara™ L

April 2013
The What, Why and How Convergence in building controls for Smart buildings L

This Niagara Forum 2013 presentation demonstrates with hard fact how “Convergence” is making an immense difference to those System Integrators who understand the need to broaden their skills and offerings to meet their business objectives, deal with emerging new threats to their business and finally deliver what the End Clients have been asking for over two decades and failing to get, until now!
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Introduzione alla elitedali per Niagara per i partner CentraLine, Andrea Breda BCI EvC Technical Support L

Introduction to elitedali presentation (Italian)
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Overview of Tridium’s Niagara solution including now direct connectivity with DALI® lighting networks L
Simplifying how to choose the right intelligent lighting control solution L
LED, Fluorescent, HID or Incandescent light source for public and commercial buildings, how do they compare today? L